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    Lyft’s Health Safety Commitment

    Lyft requires you to agree to the Health Safety Commitment to help keep our community safe. You're prompted to do this in your Lyft app before taking a ride.
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    Making the commitment

    To continue using Lyft, riders and drivers must agree to the following:
    • Don’t ride or drive if you have COVID-19, think you have it, or have related symptoms
    • Wear a face covering
    • Keep vehicle clean, and sanitize your hands often
    • Leave the front seat empty
    • Open windows
    • Avoid recirculated air
    We may ask you to take a photo of yourself wearing your face covering before your next ride.
    If you decline the Health Safety Commitment or face covering photo, you won’t be able to request a ride or drive. You’ll still be able to access your account settings and earnings in the app.

    Account suspensions

    Feedback of someone violating Lyft's Health Safety guidelines results in a violation notification. These notifications serve as reminders to our community to follow Health Safety guidelines.
    Continued reports of Health Safety violations may result in account suspension. Temporary account suspensions can lead to the permanent deactivation of your account.
    If we suspend your account, we'll notify you via email while we investigate further.

    Safety kits

    Lyft now offers safety kits with personal protective equipment (PPE) to drivers. These kits, which include hand sanitizer and face masks, are also available to buy on the Lyft Store.


    Lyft provides free vehicle partitions to thousands of drivers. Drivers can also buy these partitions on the Lyft Store.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using partitions. It helps keep a safe distance between drivers and riders. This partition is not a replacement for wearing a face covering. Drivers and riders should still wear a face covering for every ride. Partitions offer peace of mind to riders, which can help drivers earn higher tips.
    The partition is adjustable and fits most cars. Lyft includes installation instructions and helpful tips with all partition shipments. FlexDrive drivers can visit a Service Center or Hub to have a partition installed.
    Heads up: In New York, TLC approved vendors must install partitions.
    Drivers can also install a partition they bought somewhere else.
    To register a partition:
    1. Open the Lyft driver app and tap 'Vehicle'
    2. Tap ‘Vehicle Preferences’ and toggle installed or not installed
    As a reminder, Lyft’s health safety policies align with the CDC’s rideshare guidelines. We encourage riders and drivers to follow these guidelines and local regulations.
    For more information about how we’re serving the Lyft community see Lyft’s latest on COVID-19.

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