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    Lyft Delivery

    By signing up for delivery rides, you can deliver items like packages, food orders, auto parts, prescriptions, and more to both customers and businesses.
    Deliveries can include items weighing less than 50 pounds from a variety of businesses such as:
    • Retail stores
    • Restaurants
    • Warehouses
    • Pharmacies
    • Car dealerships
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    Signing up

    You’ll need to sign up to start receiving delivery ride requests.
    To sign up:
    1. Click here.
    2. Complete the Lyft Deliveries course.
    After signing, you’ll start receiving delivery rides when they’re requested in your area.
    Keep in mind that you aren’t guaranteed delivery rides by signing up. Receiving delivery requests depends on demand in your area.
    You can't sign up to take delivery rides only.

    Giving delivery rides

    Tips for pickups:

    • Check the ‘Instructions’ section of the ride for details on how to pick up the package
    • If needed, call the organization by tapping the phone icon next to the pickup address
    • If you can’t find the package or contact the organization, tap the ‘I need help with this delivery’ button at the bottom of the ride screen. This cancels the ride and lets us know that there was an issue with the pickup.
    • If you cancel during the pickup, it will cancel the entire ride.
    • If you cancel during the drop-off, you'll be prompted to return the item to the pick-up location or leave it in the safest place possible.

    Tips for drop-offs:

    • Follow the instructions at the drop-off location to confirm the item delivery is complete. You may need to submit a photo, scan a QR code, or get a signature.
    • If the customer doesn't or can't accept the delivery, return it to the original pickup location

    Delivery cancellation fees

    To make sure you’re eligible for a cancellation fee, confirm the cancellation by:
    • Waiting a few minutes after arriving at the pick up location
    • Calling the organization
    You can view the rate card for a delivery ride in the ‘Driving History’ tab of your Dashboard to check for this fee.

    Opting out

    If you decide Lyft Deliveries isn’t for you, it’s easy to opt out and only receive standard ride requests.
    You can contact us to stop receiving delivery ride requests.

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