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How to change navigation settings

Navigation in the Lyft app determines the best routes for rides. Drivers can easily navigate their routes without closing the Lyft app. Lyft navigation also provides access to real-time traffic reports!
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Change your settings
To update your navigation preferences in the Lyft Driver app:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Account.'
  2. Tap 'Settings,' then tap 'Navigation.'
  3. Switch the 'Auto Navigation' option to 'On'. This allows the app to switch between your navigation preferences while driving.
If you choose to use the Waze navigation app, you’ll have to switch between apps while navigating.
Note: Google Maps and Waze navigation options may not be available in all regions.
Navigation troubleshooting
If you're having issues with navigation in the app, make sure the Lyft app and your device are updated to the latest version. Learn more about phone software recommendations and settings.
For help with Google Maps, head to the Google Maps Help Center.
For help with Waze, head to the Waze Help Center.
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