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New York State Driver Information

If you're a driver in New York City, see this page instead.
This page provides information about vehicle, driver, and document requirements, state regulations, insurance coverage, and city-specific requirements needed to drive with Lyft in the State of New York.
To apply to drive in the State of New York, submit an application online or in the Lyft Driver app –– download it from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store. To be approved to drive, applicants must meet these requirements.
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What you need to drive with Lyft in the State of New York
Drivers are required to maintain current documents. Failing to update a required document before the expiration date results in temporary deactivation.
Use your Lyft Driver app to upload your documents. To add documents in the app, tap 'Account' in the main menu, then 'Documents.
Vehicle requirements
  1. 2008 or newer
  2. 4 doors
  3. 5-8 seatbelts, including the driver's
  4. Not a taxi, stretch limousine, or non-Express Drive rental vehicle
  5. Not titled as salvage, non-repairable, rebuilt, or any other equivalent classification
See if your vehicle qualifies for premium ride types to earn more on each ride.
In select cities, you can rent a car through Express Drive with standard insurance included. Rental vehicles must be rented through the Express Drive program to be approved for use on the Lyft platform.
Driver requirements
  1. Valid New York State driver’s license — Temporary or out-of-state licenses are not allowed in the state of New York (see example here)*
  2. You must be at least 25 or older, excluding New York City, where the minimum age is 19.
  3. Pass a driver screening, which reviews your driving history and criminal background check. Learn more about driver screenings.
  4. Any smartphone that can download and run the Lyft Driver app. See phone software recommendations.
*Make sure we can see your valid driver’s license number and the date it was issued in the photo (see sample here). If your license was issued less than 1 year ago, please include another document in your photo to show additional driving record — for example, you can include an expired driver’s license.
Document requirements
  1. Driver profile photo: Learn how to take the best photo
  2. Vehicle registration
  3. Personal vehicle insurance
Emblem requirements
Drivers are required to display the Lyft emblem while in driver mode. The Lyft emblem is Lyft’s official trade dress. It helps passengers and law enforcement identify your vehicle.
Shows where to place Lyft emblem on front windshield.
The Lyft emblem should be displayed in the lower corner of your windshield on the passenger side every time you enter driver mode. Make sure to remove the emblem when you are not in driver mode.
Image of the Lyft emblem.
If you’ve just been approved to drive, you should receive your Lyft emblem shortly. If you didn't get one or need a new one, order one in your Lyft Driver app or Dashboard. While waiting for it to arrive, you may print a temporary emblem.
New York State driver rules
The following applies to rides in New York State.
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Guaranteed minimum earnings
As a New York driver, you’ll be paid a minimum of $26 per hour for all time spent between accepting a ride request and dropping off a rider.
This minimum earnings standard applies to all trips with a pickup in New York State that aren’t covered by the NYC TLC Minimum Driver Pay Rules.
Note: Trips originating in New York City will continue to be covered by the TLC’s Minimum Driver Pay Rules.
The $26 rate will increase to:
  1. $26.39 as of March 1, 2024.
  2. $26.78 as of June 1, 2024.
This rate will be adjusted for inflation, annually, beginning in March 2025.
At the end of every earnings period, if your earnings (not including tips) are below the minimum, you’ll receive an additional payment to make up the difference by the next earnings period. Every earnings period starts at 5 AM on Mondays.
Paid sick and safe leave
You’ll accrue one hour of paid sick and safe leave for every 30 hours of rides you give, up to 56 hours per calendar year.
Accrued unused hours will roll over to the next year.
You can use paid sick and safe leave once you've accrued at least 4 hours, and for the following reasons:
  1. For you, or a family member's mental or physical illness, injury, or health condition, regardless of whether such illness, injury, or health condition has been diagnosed or requires medical care at the time that you claim such leave.
  2. For the diagnosis, care, or treatment of a mental or physical illness, injury or health condition, or for medical diagnosis of, or preventive care for, you or a member of your family.
You can also use paid sick leave for when you, or a family member, has been the victim of domestic violence or a criminal act committed by a family or household member, or for a sexual offense, stalking, or human trafficking. This includes:
  1. Obtaining services from a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center, or other services program.
  2. Participating  in safety planning, temporarily or permanently relocating, or taking other actions to increase your safety or the safety of your family members.
  3. Meeting with an attorney or other social services provider to obtain information and advice on– and prepare for or participate in–any criminal or civil proceeding.
  4. Filing a complaint or domestic incident report with law enforcement.
  5. Meeting with a district attorney's office.
  6. Enrolling children in a new school.
  7. Taking any other actions necessary to ensure your health or safety, or the health or safety of your family members, or to protect those who associate or work with you.
To access your paid leave, open the Lyft Driver app, then:
  1. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘New York paid sick and safe leave,’ then tap ‘Request paid leave.’
  3. Select the number of hours you want to request.
  4. Tap ‘Request.’
Once your requested hours are approved, the payment will be added to your earnings tab.
New York drivers outside of New York City will be paid at their average hourly earnings rate from the previous quarter or $26 per hour, whichever is higher, which will be adjusted periodically for inflation.
New York City drivers will be paid at an initial rate of $17 per hour, which will be adjusted periodically for inflation.
Note: You must have at least 4 hours accrued to redeem your accrued paid sick and safe leave.
Only time spent for rides in New York state count towards the accrual of paid leave.
Permanently deactivated drivers are not entitled to paid leave upon deactivation.
Appealing deactivations
As a New York driver, you can appeal your deactivation if you:
  1. Have been permanently deactivated.
  2. Haven’t already requested an appeal for the same permanent deactivation.
To appeal a deactivation, open to the Lyft Driver app, then:
  1. Tap ‘Get help,’ then tap ‘Help Center.’
  2. Tap ‘Learn more’ at the top, or tap the article that best describes your deactivation reason.
  3. Tap ‘Contact us.’
Note: You may submit any additional information regarding the deactivation (such as dash cam footage, photos, police reports, etc.).
Once you submit the form, Lyft will review your appeal and determine whether to uphold or overturn your account deactivation.
You’ll receive confirmation of Lyft’s decision via your email address on file.
If your account was deactivated for multiple reasons, Lyft will review those reasons as part of one appeal request.
You may only request one appeal for a deactivation decision. If an account deactivation is upheld, no additional appeals will be considered for that account.
Educational payment
Drivers in New York state receive a one-time payment for up to one hour of time spent viewing educational content provided by Lyft. The payment will be $15 per hour or the applicable minimum wage, whichever is higher.
After you’ve completed one ride, you’ll receive the educational payment as a one-time bonus.
The education payment will automatically appear in your weekly earnings summary.
Hourly driver mode limits
In addition to required breaks and time limits, New York City regulations require that drivers:
  1. Provide rides for no more than 10 consecutive hours
  2. Provide rides for no more than 60 total hours within a 7-day period
Only time spent in actual rides count toward these limitations.
Health safety guidelines
The CDC recently updated its guidance for transportation, and masks are now optional in all rides. Wearing masks on transportation may still be required by law in some areas, and we encourage riders and drivers to check their local public health requirements before using Lyft.
Best practices
  1. Display all required emblems and placards
  2. Always have your driver’s license and insurance document
  3. Follow all airport rules
  4. Don't accept street hails
  5. Don't accept cash for rides
  6. Don't wait in taxi lines
  7. Do not stop, park, load, or unload passengers in a travel lane or in an officially designated bus or taxi stop
Know your insurance
Review Lyft's coverage here.
Moving to or from New York State
If you're already a driver in a different state, and you're moving to New York, send us a message with the following info:
  1. Your name, phone number, and email address associated with your Lyft account
  2. The city you are currently driving in
  3. The area of New York State you’d like to switch to
  4. A photo of your New York state driver’s license
Please note: If you are a driver whose home region is New York City, and a passenger ride has brought you into New Jersey, your next match should be a ride request heading back to New York City.
Moving from New York to a different state? Find your new market here to see what steps you'll need to take.

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