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    I'm having a problem with the app

    Whether your sound isn’t working or your app is unresponsive, you can use the tips below to solve most issues.
    The Lyft app requires at least iOS 13 or Android 7.0 Nougat to run.
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    What should I do if my app isn’t working?

    App problems are often caused by poor phone connectivity. Connectivity is how strong your phone’s connection is to your cellular network. Learn how to improve your connectivity.
    You can solve most app issues by following these steps:
    1. Close your app and reopen it.
    2. Turn airplane mode on and off.
    3. Restart your phone. (Don’t do this if you’re in the airport queue or you’ll lose your place in line.)
    4. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
    A quick internet search can help you find out how to do each of these steps (for both iPhones and Android phones). You can also visit your cell provider’s store for help.
    Still having problems? Here are some extra steps you can take:

    How can I improve my phone connectivity?

    Here are some signs you have poor connectivity:
    • The app is frozen or unresponsive.
    • You have trouble requesting a ride or logging into the app.
    • You can’t accept ride requests or end a ride.
    • You got a notification about issues with your phone reaching our servers.
    Every situation is different, so there isn’t a universal way to solve connectivity issues. However, there are some easy things you can do to help:
    • Try the problem-solving steps above for immediate issues.
    • Move locations if you only have a few bars of service. You may be in an area with a weak signal.
    • Update your phone settings for the best reception.

    Update your phone settings

    Your phone settings can have a big impact on the strength of your cell signal.
    Update these settings to improve your reception:
    • Close any extra apps: The Lyft app might not get enough data to run correctly if you have other apps open.
    • Turn off Wi-Fi: If your phone auto-connects to a Wi-Fi hotspot, it'll try to run on Wi-Fi instead of data. This slows down your connectivity, so turn off Wi-Fi while you’re using the app.
    • Turn off Background App Refresh: Some apps check for updates even when you don't have them open. Background App Refresh can drain your data. You can turn it off in your phone’s settings or change it to only refresh on Wi-Fi.
    A quick internet search can help you find out how to do each of these steps (for both iPhones and Android phones). You can also visit your cell provider’s store for help.

    I’m having a problem with my notifications

    My notifications aren’t making sound

    If you’re having sound problems, these tips might help:
    If you’re still having problems, visit your cell provider’s store for help.

    My notifications are in the wrong language

    Lyft is designed to provide voice notifications in English. If you’re hearing notifications in a different language, check two things:
    • Your phone’s language settings
    • Your navigation language settings

    How to report a problem with the app

    If you’re still having trouble, use the 'Contact us' button at the bottom of this page.
    Give us as much info about the problem as you can:
    1. A detailed description of the problem
    2. What you’re doing in the app when the problem occurs
    3. Any error messages you're receiving
    4. Screenshots of the problem (if applicable)
    Need help with taking a screenshot?
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