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Lyft Shared ride commuter benefits

Lyft has partnered with various businesses to make commuter benefits available to riders. When you take Shared rides, you can save up to 37% by using pre-tax dollars to pay for your commute.
Read below for specifics on commuter benefits and how they apply to Shared rides.
Note: Commuter Benefits are no longer available as a payment option for Shared Rides.
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What are commuter benefits?
Commuter benefits are employer-provided programs that allow riders to use pre-tax dollars toward commuting expenses. This includes monthly expenses for transit, vanpooling, bicycling, and work-related parking costs.
When taking Shared rides, your commuter benefits can save you over 30% on the ride cost! Your amount of savings will depend on your tax bracket. Check with your employer benefits provider for your exact savings.
To check if your city offers Shared rides, refer to your Cities page. We currently do not offer commuter benefits for Shared Saver rides.
Requesting a commuter card
To request a commuter benefits card, contact your employer's Human Resources representative. You'll likely be referred to the provider's website for instructions on ordering the card.
Online options for ordering commuter cards are through partnerships with:
How to use commuter benefits
To add your commuter benefits card to your Lyft account:
  1. Open the Lyft app.
  2. Tap ‘Payment’.
  3. Tap ‘Add credit card’.
  4. Enter your commuter benefits prepaid card info.
To request a Shared ride in the app with your commuter benefits:
  1. Tap ‘Shared mode’
  2. Set your pickup and drop-off locations
  3. Make sure your commuter benefits prepaid card is selected as the method of payment. (You won’t be able to change this after the ride is requested)
  4. Request a Shared ride
Your ETA may be longer than usual when requesting a Shared ride with commuter benefits since there are fewer cars with six or more seats on the road. We recommend requesting your Shared ride with commuter benefits a few minutes early.
You’ll need to contact your employer if you’re wanting more funds added to your commuter card. You can use up to $265 pre-tax dollars on Shared rides each month.
You can still apply any valid Lyft promo to your account, regardless if you’re using a commuter card. Commuter benefits prepaid cards can only be used for Shared rides and can’t be used to purchase a flat fare pass or Ride Pass.

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