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    How to refer drivers

    Each new driver can only be referred by one other person. Please note cross-country referrals (for example, a passenger in Canada being referred by passenger in US) are ineligible for bonuses. In Canada, drivers can only refer other drivers (and passengers can only refer other passengers) to receive a bonus
    There are three ways to get credit for referring new drivers.
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    Refer from the app

    Here’s how to refer new drivers in the Lyft Driver app:
    1. Open the Lyft Driver app
    2. Tap 'Earn' in the lower right-hand corner (next to the bonus amount you can earn)
    3. Choose either text or email to send your referral code to new drivers. To refer new passengers,, swipe right and choose either text or email. That's it!
    If a friend applies with your code and meets the ride requirement, you’ll each get a bonus. Lyft Referral Program Rules apply.
    You can track your referrals’ progress in Lyft Driver, too. Simply go to your Driver Stats, then see 'Driver referrals' to check how close you are to a bonus.

    Refer from the Dashboard

    Here's how to refer new drivers in the Dashboard:
    1. Log into the Referral Dashboard
    2. In the Referral Dashboard, enter your friends' email addresses to send them invitations. When they click your link, they'll be guided through the application process.
    3. That's it! Your code will be applied to their account, and you'll be able to earn any bonuses that apply.

    Share your referral code

    Each driver has their own unique referral code. Your friends can enter your code directly into their app when they sign up, and you'll both be eligible for any promotions being offered.
    If your friends click your referral link, your referral code should be automatically applied. The Referral Dashboard also lets you post your link on social media or share it via email in the Referral Dashboard.
    Need help? Select 'Contact Support' below to get in touch with our Support team. Please provide the following info:
    • First and last names of either referring driver or referred applicant
    • Phone number or email address of either referring driver or referred applicant
    • Specific details about your issue
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