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Ride Streaks

Ride Streaks are multiple-ride bonuses you can earn when you accept back-to-back rides during the busiest times.
Participating in bonuses and incentives is always your choice. You aren’t required to participate to maintain your access to the Lyft platform.
During a Ride Streak offer period:
  1. Accept and pick up the first ride.
  2. Stay online in driver mode.
  3. Meet the offer period’s ride requirement.
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How Ride Streaks work
You’ll get a notification when Ride Streaks are available. We’ll always let you know the dollar value of your Streak offers (and at what times they’re available).
Getting the bonus
Accept a ride when your Ride Streak is live. As long as your first ride is within the offer period, rides that come afterward will still count.
Each time you complete the number of rides required for your Streak, you'll earn a bonus. If you complete all required rides before the Streak offering is over, you can qualify for another bonus by accepting the next ride. This lets you receive multiple bonuses during an offer period.
Take a breather
You can take a 15-minute breather in the middle of your Ride Streak.
A breather is your time to rest, and prepare yourself or your vehicle for the rest of the Streak.
During a breather, you can fill your tank, grab a snack, or stretch your legs. Once you’re done, you can continue the Ride Streak without losing your bonus.
To take a breather:
  1. Sign out after you complete at least one ride in the streak.
  2. Keep in mind what time you started your breather.
  3. Grab a coffee, use the restroom. It’s your time to use as you choose.
  4. Sign back on within 15 minutes and accept the next ride request that comes through.
  5. Finish your Ride Streak feeling refreshed.
Note: You get one 15-minute breather per streak.
How Ride Streaks break
You’ll break your Ride Streak if you:
  • Go offline after using your breather.
  • Cancel a ride.
  • Miss a ride request.
Cancellations during a Ride Streak
In certain situations, a canceled ride can break your Ride Streak.
Cancellations won’t affect your streak if:
If the passenger canceled your first ride in a Ride Streak:
  • You can accept the next ride request to begin your streak, as long as you’re still within the Ride Streak window.
  • Your Ride Streak begins once you accept the next ride.
Cancellations at the end of the offer period:
If a passenger cancels your first ride in the Ride Streak after the end of the offer period, you won’t qualify for the bonus.
For example:
  1. A Ride Streak is scheduled from 8 AM - 9 AM.
  2. You accept your first ride request at 8:59 AM.
  3. The passenger cancels the ride at 9:01 AM.
Because the passenger canceled, the ride doesn’t count as the first ride of your Ride Streak.
However, since it’s after 9 AM, you won’t be able to accept a new ride during the offer period. The Ride Streak is no longer available.
Location filters and Ride Streaks
Entering the 'Head to destination' location filter won’t break a Ride Streak, but completing a ride in the 'Head to destination' location filter does.
When you reach your destination in 'Head to destination', you'll automatically be logged out of driver mode. If you’d like to continue your Ride Streak, you’ll have one minute to log back in.
If you don’t log in within a minute, your Ride Streak will end.
If you don't receive a request within 30 minutes while in 'Head to destination', the app will automatically log you out, causing you to break a Ride Streak.
Bonus payout
After a Ride Streak, your payment is added to the final ride you completed during the streak. This means it’s available to transfer with Express Pay.
To view your ride earnings:
  1. Tap the dollar amount at the top of the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘See all activity’.
  3. Use the left and right arrows to view different weeks.
  4. Scroll to see history for each day of the week.
  5. Tap on a specific ride or bonus to view details.
Streak Zones
Streak Zones are the busiest areas on your map where you can receive multi-ride bonuses. You’re required to drive to a specific area to unlock a Streak Zone. You can check your map in advance for where the zone will be.
How a Streak Zone works:
  1. You’ll get a notification or text when a Streak Zone is available.
  2. Drive to the Streak Zone shown in your app.
  3. Accept the first ride request you get in the zone.
  4. Accept each following ride request to keep up your streak. You don’t need to stay in the zone.
Once you’ve completed all your rides, the bonus will be added to the earnings for your last ride.
Only available in select regions. Participating in bonuses and incentives is always your choice. You aren't required to accept any specific request for services to maintain access to the Lyft app or Lyft platform.
A Ride Streak will not be initiated by a ride that is canceled for any reason. You can complete multiple streaks during active streak hours if the first ride in each streak was accepted during the streak bonus hour, and you meet the streak’s requirements again.
The required number of rides varies for each Ride Streak. You can see active streaks and track your progress online in the Lyft Driver app. The streak counter increases with each successful, back-to-back pickup in a streak.

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