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Bonus Hour

You can earn an extra set dollar amount on every ride during a Bonus Hour.
You can earn bonuses during a Bonus Hour by:
  1. Accepting or picking up rides during the one-hour offer window.
  2. Completing each ride.
Note: If you or your passenger cancel a ride, you won’t receive a bonus for that ride.
There are no penalties for missing or canceling rides during a Bonus Hour. The Bonus Hour will stay unlocked even if you decline rides or go offline.
There’s no limit to how many bonuses you can earn during the Bonus Hour window. The more rides you complete, the more bonuses you earn.
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Viewing a Bonus Hour
You’ll get an email if you receive a Bonus Hour offer. You can also view Bonus Hour offers in your weekly planner.
To view your weekly planner, open the Lyft Driver app, then:
  1. Swipe up on the bottom panel.
  2. Tap ‘View weekly planner.’
Area requirements
Bonus Hours sometimes have an area requirement. If there’s an area requirement, only the first ride needs to be accepted or picked up in a bonus area to unlock the offer, then you can drive anywhere.
To meet the area requirement, make sure you either pick up or accept a ride within the zone.
Terms and conditions
If you receive a Bonus Hour offer, only you can participate in the offer. Offers aren’t transferable.
You’ll receive all Bonus Hour payments after completing the ride. Promotion subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

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