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    Pick up, renew, and return your Express Drive rental

    You can schedule pickups and returns, as well as renew your vehicle in your Lyft Driver app.
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    You can reserve a rental vehicle in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of your Driver Dashboard. Scroll to the ‘Express Drive’ section, then follow the prompts.
    If you're not a Lyft driver yet:
    1. Verify your phone number.
    2. Select 'Rent with Express Drive' to begin your application.
    Once you pass the DMV and background checks, you'll be able to schedule a pickup.

    What to bring

    When you pick up your rental vehicle, bring your:
    • Driver’s license.
    • Credit/debit card listed in your name.
    • Phone with the Lyft Driver app installed.

    Your costs

    You’ll pay a refundable deposit to rent a vehicle through Express Drive. You won’t pay for any other costs upfront when you pick up the vehicle.
    Your earnings as a Lyft driver will cover your rental costs. If your earnings don’t cover your weekly rental costs, we’ll charge the card on file.
    When you return your vehicle, you’ll receive a full refund of your deposit within 3 weeks as long as  rental-related fees, damages, and tolls have been covered.

    Confirming your appointment

    Once you accept the agreement and pay the deposit, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
    If you don’t see a confirmation email, make sure to check:
    • If you paid the rental deposit: This is required before receiving a confirmation email.
    • Your email settings: Make sure there aren’t any blocks on Lyft email addresses.
    • Your spam and junk folders: Our emails sometimes get lost in these folders.

    Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment

    You can reschedule or cancel your rental reservation from the ‘Your Vehicles’ tab of the Lyft Driver app.
    Note: If you cancel your appointment, you’ll have to restart the reservation process.

    Vehicle availability

    Vehicles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on their availability.
    If no vehicles are available when you try to schedule your appointment, you're still approved to rent with Express Drive.
    Check the ‘Your Vehicles’ tab daily to see when vehicles become available. We update pickup dates for new appointments every night at midnight.
    Hertz renters only: Right now, there's no way to join a waitlist or get notified when more vehicles are available. Keep checking the ‘Your Vehicles’ tab for availability updates. Flexdrive renters only: To join a waitlist, tap ‘Notify me.’ You’ll get an email when a vehicle becomes available.
    Make and model availability
    The type of vehicle you get depends on availability at each rental location. We can’t guarantee a specific vehicle will be available before pickup.
    Based on your city, electric vehicles, SUVs, and hybrids may be available.


    Your rental will automatically renew for 7 days each week as long as you:
    • Earn enough to cover weekly rental costs.
    • Complete required maintenance on time.
    • Have a valid payment method on file.
    • Don’t have any outstanding charges from the previous week.
    You can find the status of your renewal in the 'Vehicles' tab of the Driver Dashboard.  We'll send you a text and email to notify you that your rental has automatically been renewed.

    Required maintenance

    Rental vehicles require routine maintenance. We’ll send you a text and email to let you know when maintenance is due.
    If you rent from Hertz, you’ll be asked to create an account with the Hertz Maintenance Portal. Once created, you’ll receive texts and emails when maintenance is due.
    Your weekly auto-renew may fail if you don’t get routine maintenance.Your rental provider will pay for routine maintenance.

    Ride requirements

    You must complete at least 20 rides per week to remain in good standing and renew your rental with Flexdrive or Hertz.
    Your first week’s ride minimum is prorated. This means you may not have to complete all 20 rides in a week, depending on the day you pick up your rental vehicle.
    You can track your progress toward the minimum ride requirement on the Driver app's home screen.
    If you're unable to meet the ride requirements, return the rental vehicle to the location you picked it up from.

    My rental didn't auto-renew

    Here are some reasons why a rental may not auto-renew:
    • Invalid payment method on file (such as an expired card)
    • Required maintenance not completed on time
    • Overdue weekly rental charges
    • 3 or more traffic violations
    • Accident occurred while driving an Express Drive vehicle
    • Someone else besides you drove the rental
    • Violation of the Lyft Terms of Service
    You can find the status of your renewal in the 'Vehicles' tab of the Driver Dashboard.


    You can return the vehicle any time after you hit the 7-day minimum. After 7 days, you’ll only be charged for the additional days you had the vehicle.
    For example, if you met the 7-day minimum and rented for another 3 days, you’d be charged for 10 days.
    Schedule a return in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of your Driver Dashboard.
    It takes about 3 weeks to process your refund.
    You’ll see your rental deposit refunded to the card originally charged 2 weeks after the return. After the refund, the deposit will be in your account within 5-7 business days.
    You can check the status of your rental deposit in the 'Your Vehicles' tab of your Lyft Driver app.
    Note: You won’t get the deposit back if you have outstanding rental costs that exceed the deposit amount.  Flexdrive renters only: If you want to do a touchless return, begin by scanning the QR code displayed at the Lyft Hub. Touchless rentals are only available in the following cities:
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Phoenix
    • Nashville
    • San Francisco
    • San Jose
    If you do a touchless return, follow the in-app prompts to end your rental.
    If you’re unable to do the touchless return, check in with a Lyft associate when you arrive.

    Scheduling a return

    You can schedule a return in the 'Vehicles' tab of your Driver Dashboard. Note: To avoid additional charges, clean and refuel the vehicle before returning it. Return the vehicle in the same condition as when you picked it up.

    Getting your deposit back

    It takes about 3 weeks to process your refund.
    If you have any outstanding rental costs from your rental reservation (such as rental charges, tolls, or damages), your deposit will cover those charges.
    We’ll refund any remaining amount to your card 2 weeks after returning your vehicle.
    To check the status of your rental deposit:
    1. Open the Lyft Driver app main menu, then tap 'Vehicles and Devices.'
    2. Tap 'Your Vehicles.'
    3. Tap ‘See details’ on your Express Drive rental.
    4. Tap ‘Rental deposit.’

    My deposit wasn't refunded after I returned the rental

    Here are some reasons you didn’t get your deposit back, or why it may have been less than expected:
    • It’s been less than 3 weeks since you returned your rental.
    • Your rental charges exceed your deposit amount.
    • The vehicle needed deep cleaning or refueling.
    • You got another charge such as a damage fee.
    Note: You won’t get the deposit back if your outstanding rental costs exceed the deposit amount.

    Rental Replacements

    You can get a new rental and update your rental plan  when you come in for your rental replacement appointment.
    For a smooth swap, make sure the car is clean and remove personal items. If there are no additional charges, your deposit will automatically transfer to your new rental.
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