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Calgary International Airport (YYC) info for drivers

To create a smooth airport experience for you and your passengers, read the rules below.
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Rules for all airports
Airport officials will issue administrative citations to drivers who don’t follow the rules. If you violate airport rules or regulations, you’re responsible for paying any tickets you receive.
To help avoid a ticket, review the following information carefully.
Lyft emblem rules
At an airport, be sure to always:
  1. Display your Lyft emblem in the lower right hand (passenger side) of your front windshield while giving Lyft rides.
  2. Remove the emblem if you’re giving a non-Lyft ride.
If you’re a newly approved driver, you should receive the emblem soon. If you didn't get an emblem or need a new one, place an order in your Dashboard. While waiting for it to arrive, you may print a temporary emblem.
Airport conduct
Always follow instructions given by airport personnel.Airport officials could give you a citation if you:
  1. Stop or pull over in crosswalks.
  2. Park anywhere outside of a designated staging area or in the taxi/shuttle areas (unless otherwise specified).
  3. Display any form of advertising on or in your vehicle.
  4. Pick up or drop off in an unauthorized location.
Note: This isn’t a complete list of actions that call for citation at the airport. Always follow instructions from airport officials.
Airport authorities may ask you for a waybill, which shows your latest ride. Learn how to access your waybill.
YYC prohibited actions
We advise you to follow these rules to avoid warnings, citations, and suspension. Calgary International Airport (YYC) prohibits the following actions while operating at the airport:
  1. Using the YYC trademark for ads or marketing without permission from the airport, including using the Calgary International Airport logo.
  2. Refusing to accommodate a disabled passenger or service animal.
  3. Repairing your vehicle at the airport (unless you have to so you can remove the vehicle from the airport).
  4. Disconnecting pollution control equipment.
  5. Possessing illegal drugs or narcotics.
  6. Consuming alcohol or cannabis.
  7. Engaging in criminal activity.
  8. Parking in handicapped zones or crosswalks.
  9. Double parking when curbside space is available.
Note: This isn’t a complete list of prohibited actions. Always follow instructions from airport officials.
Map of Calgary International Airport showing the staging area, pickup and drop-off zones.
Waiting for requests
Wait in the designated staging area pictured above. Only drivers within the designated staging area are added to the queue.
How the queue works
The queue is predominantly First In, First Out (FIFO), which means:
  1. The driver, in driver mode, who waits in the staging area for the longest amount of time, gets the next request.
  2. Your physical location within the staging area doesn’t affect your spot in the queue.
  3. If you exit the staging area or log out of driver mode, you'll lose your spot.
You can view your position in the queue in the app.
Note: FIFO may have exceptions, such as Short Ride Bump.
Passenger cancellations don't affect your place in line. Go back to the staging area if your passenger cancels. As long as you're back within 15 minutes, you’re placed at the front of the queue.
Driver cancellations and missed requests do affect your place in line. You can miss or cancel up to 3 rides before getting placed at the back of the queue.
Go to Arrivals, and pick up passengers at Doors 1, 12, or 17.
The Lyft app moves the passenger's pin to an approved pickup area. If you're having trouble finding each other, contact your passenger and make sure you both go to the:
  1. Pin’s location.
  2. Correct airport level.
Passenger delayed
If your passenger is significantly delayed during pickup, go back to the designated staging area. Don’t wait or circle back. Ask the passenger to cancel and request another ride when they’re ready.
Drop passengers off at the west end of the sidewalk along the terminal curb. You can only go to this drop-off location for immediate unloading.
Don’t wait at the airport terminal after drop-off.

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