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    How to report damage caused by passengers

    For safety-related issues, use Lyft's Critical Response Line. For non-safety related issues or damage, see 'Non-safety incidents.'
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    Critical Response Line

    Our Trust & Safety team is here for you 24/7. If you need to report an accident, passenger behavior that threatened your personal safety, or if you receive a regulatory citation, get fast help by going to this page and tapping the 'Call Me' button.

    Non-safety incidents & damage

    To report damage, tap 'Contact Support' below with the following info:
    • At least 2 clear photos of the damage (see Photo tips)
    • Any identifying info about the passenger (first name works best, but pick-up and drop-off locations and times are also helpful)
    • Brief description of how the incident occurred
    We'll assess the damage after you've submitted this. If the damage warrants a fee, we'll be in touch.
    If the damage requires significant cleaning or repair and prevents you giving Lyft rides, wait until your car is up to speed before driving.

    Photo tips

    Check your car regularly after a ride is completed to check for passenger damage. If you find passenger damage, remember these tips:
    • Take a photo with your phone to record the time and date of the incident
    • Turn on the car's interior light to make sure pictures are clear
    • Use your phone's flash when taking pictures
    Note: Lyft determines the damage fee amount, which is meant to help drivers repair, remediate, or clean affected areas of their vehicle only. We handle damage reports on a case-by-case basis. Damage fees come entirely from passengers.
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