Refer new passengers and get rewarded

Referral coupon credits and cash rewards for existing drivers are based on the city where the new passenger is located at the time the referral coupon is applied, instead of based on the existing driver's location. Learn more about Lyft Driver Pay

The location will be locked in when new passengers apply the coupon to their accounts after either signing up with a referral link or manually entering the code into the 'Promos' tab of the app. View cash values for referral rewards in any cities using the 'Referral Reward Finder' tool of the Referral Portal.

Passenger referrals are a key part of growing the Lyft community, and we want to thank you for helping! As a driver, in participating cities, you can earn up to a $10 bonus for referring new passengers.

How to refer passengers

Each new passenger can only have one referral on their account. Here's how to get credit for referring new passengers.

If a passenger has already requested you as their driver, it's too late for them to enter your code. Only new passengers (those who haven't requested a ride) can redeem referral codes.

Using the Referral Portal

  1. Log into the Referral Portal
  2. Tap your code, which should open a new tab in your browser
  3. Copy the link (it will begin with: "www.lyft.com/invited")
  4. Feel free to post your link to any of your social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Lyft won't honor referrals obtained with paid or unpaid ads, including Google Adwords, Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, or any online advertising platform. Keep in mind that referral bonuses are only active in select cities.
  5. When someone clicks your link, they'll be guided through the sign-up process. You'll both be able to take part in any promos that apply.

Sharing your referral code

Each driver has a unique referral code. In your Referral Portal or on your driver summaries, you can see your referral link (it starts off with www.lyft.com/invited). You can find the code at the end of your link, after '/invited/.'

New passengers can enter your code directly into their app upon sign-up or before they request a ride, and you'll both be take part in any active promos.

Many drivers print referral cards with their code and hand them out at bars, concerts, etc. You can order referral cards with your referral code on them for up to 60% off through our partnership with Vistaprint. Check out Vistaprint's website to get your order started.

Referral Bonuses and free rides

Drivers: For details on referral amounts in your city, visit the Referral Portal. Any bonuses you receive are also shown on your weekly deposit. New passengers receive ride credit if they redeem your code in an eligible city.

Referred passengers: Depending on the city, the amount of ride credit may vary. Anything more than the referral amount will go on the card on file. Check the Lyft app for more details.

 Terms and Conditions

  • Participating cities and limited time only
  • To receive referral and bonus credits, your invitees must be new to Lyft and must enter your code before taking their first ride
  • Referral and bonus credits are valid for 14 days
  • Credits are only valid for use on the Lyft platform and are not transferable or redeemable for cash
  • Participation in this promotion is subject to Lyft’s Terms of Service
  • Cross-country referrals (for example, a passenger in Canada being referred by passenger in US) are ineligible
  • In Canada, passengers can only refer other passengers (and drivers can only refer other drivers) to receive a bonus

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