Change text preferences

You can opt out of receiving specific text messages from Lyft at any time by responding with STOP to the message you have received to any text message you receive from Lyft. This prevents further message of that type (like only promotional texts or only verification code texts) but allows you to receive other kinds of text messages.

If you respond with STOPALL to a text message from Lyft, you’ll be opted out of all text messages from us. However, you acknowledge that opting out of receiving all texts may impact your use of Lyft or other services, including not receiving text messages on ride updates or verification codes needed to log into your account if you log out.

Opt back in

To opt back in, text the word STARTALL to 59381 to subscribe to all message types, including login or START (if you've opted out of only specific message types) to any of the numbers you received a Lyft text message from.

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