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    Ride receipt overview

    Please note we're still getting ready for the first rides in Canada. Check the app to see when we're ready!
    The fastest way to get past ride details is the 'Ride history' tab (if you don't see this tab, update your app). After your payment is processed for a ride, Lyft sends a ride receipt to your profile's email address.
    Didn't get a ride receipt? Check your email settings.
    Please note that you cannot unsubscribe from transactional emails such as ride receipts.
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    Find a lost item

    If you left something in your last ride, tap 'Find lost item' to message your driver directly. Note that this link expires after 72 hours.
    When you tap 'Find lost item,' we'll ask for a description of the item. We'll then text your driver with this description and your preferred phone number. Learn more about lost and found.

    Request a review

    If you had an issue with your ride and would like to request a price review, tap 'Request review' at the bottom of the receipt. Give us more details about what happened on the next screen.

    Add a tip

    If you forgot to add a tip and would like to, tap 'Tip driver' at the bottom of the receipt. The link expires after 72 hours.
    If you'd like to add a tip and the link in the receipt isn't active, we're happy to add one for you. Send us a message by tapping 'Contact Support' below, and include the driver's name, the ride's time and date, and the amount you'd like to tip.
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