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    Lyft Shared rides for riders

    Shared rides connect you with other riders along your route. When you share a ride, you pay a discounted price.
    Check our Cities page for riders to see if Shared rides are available in your region.
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    How Shared rides are different

    Shared rides are unlike regular rides. They can only to be used:
    • To go from Point A to Point B. No errands, stops, or changes to pickup or drop-off locations.
    • For parties of 1 or 2. Larger groups should request a standard Lyft or Lyft XL ride.
    • When you're ready to go. Since there may be other riders depending on you, drivers will not wait more than one minute at your pickup location.

    Sharing your ride

    Our goal for Shared rides is to fill the empty seats in cars with riders going in the same direction. Chaining brings us one step closer to achieving that goal by pairing multiple parties together in one ride.
    It's important that you only request Shared rides for one or two riders and accurately choose the number of people in the app. If you don't follow this rule, the driver will be prompted to cancel your ride upon arrival.

    How chaining works

    Shared ride chaining allows us to use the open seats in the car to their full advantage. As a passenger, you may be paired with multiple riders along your route.
    The pickup and drop-off order can vary with every ride. Sometimes, you'll be the first passenger dropped off, and other times, you'll be the last. It's all based on the most efficient route chosen by our system. The driver should always follow the instructions in the app, and we ask that you be respectful of that.

    Shared ride pricing

    A Shared ride is always cheaper than the same in a standard Lyft. Discount amounts depend on your city, the likelihood for getting matched, and current driver supply. The Lyft app will show you the price up front: what you see is what you pay regardless of whether you're matched with other riders.
    Riders in cities where Shared rides are available can estimate trip costs by using the built-in estimator for this ride mode. To see a Shared trip estimate:
    1. Open the app, then tap 'Shared' (check our Cities page for riders to see if your region has Shared rides)
    2. Enter your pickup and drop-off locations by either typing the address or moving the map pin
    3. That's it! You'll see a guaranteed price for the Shared ride and also an estimated price for a standard Lyft in strikethrough text.
    If you request a Shared ride, you'll be charged the guaranteed amount, which is shown in bold. You may also leave the Shared request screen by tapping the close button and request a standard Lyft. Keep in mind that fares in a standard Lyft may change due to traffic, weather, or other factors.

    Conduct in a Shared ride

    Because there's the high probability of sharing a Shared ride with another party or two, we ask that you be considerate toward other riders. This includes leaving any pets at home (excluding service animals) and not taking up too much space with luggage or baggage.
    We want the experience to be fun, pleasant, and safe for everyone, so be mindful of your language and conduct. We also suggest that if you're traveling with a small child in a carseat or have a large group that you request a standard Lyft or Lyft XL.

    Can riders rate each other?

    At this time, riders can only rate the driver and not the other riders in the ride.
    If you experience any problems or have additional feedback about the ride or other riders, tap 'Contact Support' below. We'll make sure it's taken care of.

    Shared Saver rides

    Shared Saver rides work similarly to Shared rides, and guarantee the lowest possible price.
    These rides may involve a short walk to the pick up location or from the drop-off location. You won’t always have to walk to the pick up location, but when you do, it will never exceed a 5 minute walk from your current location.
    Shared Saver rides take a few extra minutes to be matched with a driver. We use the extra time to find riders along your route, which keeps prices low.
    How to use Shared Saver:
    1. Select ‘Shared Saver’ from the ‘Shared’ tab of the ride mode selection screen.
    2. Once you’re matched with a driver, walk to the pick up location designated in the app.
    While we do not offer commuter benefits for Shared Saver rides at this time, we plan to do so in the near future.
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