How to see your earnings

We want drivers to be in control of more than their schedules, which means giving them the tools to see their hard-earned cash.

As a driver with Lyft, you’ve got a few ways to check your earnings:

Driver Dashboard

The Driver Dashboard shows the total earnings you can expect to see transferred to your bank account after Lyft’s fees.

The best place to track your earnings is the 'Driving History' tab in the Driver Dashboard. The Dashboard lets you see earnings by day, week, month, or year.

Your history is divided by week. Lyft weeks start on Mondays at 5 AM and end the next Monday at 4:59 AM.

Tap a week to see more details about your rides. To see rides by day, look under the 'Daily ride history' in a week and tap a date.

If you want to look a specific ride you gave, tap that ride in the daily summary. Each ride shows you specific info like a map of dropoff and pickup locations or the ride's earnings. You'll also see earnings on the rating screen after rides.

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In-app Driver Console

The in-app Driver Console is the menu at the bottom of the Lyft Driver app’s home page.

The 'Earnings' tab tracks daily and weekly net ride payment totals. Cancel fees, tolls, tips, bonuses, and incentives are not included.

Drivers who have qualified for a Ride Challenge can also view their progress in the Driver Console.

Heads up: Driver Console stats aren't always finalized and don't guarantee your earnings or bonus eligibility. Always check your Driver Dashboard to view earnings breakdowns and bonus eligibility.

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