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    Lyft Driver app

    We’ve separated the passenger and driver experiences into two separate mobile apps — one exclusively for passengers (named the Lyft app) and the other exclusively for drivers (named the Lyft Driver app).
    The Lyft Driver app will eventually be standard for all drivers and required for driving. At this time, drivers can keep using the Lyft app to give rides. Don’t worry! While we have some planned improvements to the Lyft Driver app, we’ve kept its features the same.
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    How to download Lyft Driver

    If you’d like, you can download Lyft Driver directly from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store.
    Once you download and use Lyft Driver, you’ll no longer be able to give rides in the original Lyft app’s driver mode.

    How to log into Lyft Driver

    If you’re already a driver: There are two ways to log into the Lyft Driver app.
    • Manually. If you’re not logged in to the original Lyft app:
      1. Open Lyft Driver
      2. Tap ‘Get Started’
      3. Enter your account’s phone number to log in
    • Continue As. If you’re already logged in to the original Lyft app:
      1. Tap ‘Get Started.’
      2. That’s it!
    If you’re not a driver yet:
    1. Tap ‘Get Started’ in the Lyft Driver app
    2. Enter your phone number
    3. You’ll be taken to the online driver application
    If you haven’t finished the application process:
    1. Tap ‘Get Started’ in the Lyft Driver app
    2. Enter your phone number
    3. You’ll be taken to the driver console
    4. Click ‘Continue application’ on the card at the bottom
    If you share a device: On a shared device, you must log out of rider mode on the original Lyft app to allow the driver you share the device with to successfully log in to the Lyft Driver app.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can a driver continue using the Lyft app to drive? Yes, for a limited time. Eventually, all drivers will be required to download the Lyft Driver to keep driving. We’ll remind drivers who haven’t downloaded Lyft Driver before we start requiring it.
    I've noticed certain links aren't working when using Driver Mode in my passenger Lyft app. How can I fix this? Download and use Lyft Driver to access the links.
    When will drivers be required to use the Lyft Driver app to drive? We expect this to happen in the upcoming weeks. We’ll let you know before it’s a requirement.
    Will Lyft Driver look different than driver mode on the Lyft app? Nope, once in Lyft Driver, everything will look the same as in driver mode.
    Why does Lyft have two apps? We recognize drivers and passengers have different needs. We have two apps so we can offer better, more personalized features to both drivers and passengers.
    For instance, if you only use Lyft for driving, we want to give you a driver-tailored experience, which also saves valuable storage space on your device. The same goes for Lyft riders.
    On Lyft Driver, drivers no longer need to access driver mode through the passenger experience.
    Are there any new features in the Driver App? Not yet, but they’re coming soon!
    Can I have both apps open at the same time? Yes, the only times you can’t access your Lyft Driver app are when you’re in “online” mode as a driver or when you’re taking a Lyft ride in the original Lyft app’s rider mode. If you try to do this, you’ll be redirected to the passenger app.

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