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    How to give a Lyft ride

    Giving a Lyft ride is easy! Follow the instructions for standard Lyft, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL below.
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    How to give a ride

    At the top of the screen, tap ‘Go Online’ to start receiving ride requests.
    See what different requests look like under How rides appear in the app.
    Once you're online, follow these steps:
    1. When you get a ride request, you'll see a notification with the passenger's name, pickup ETA, and ride type. Tap anywhere to accept.
    2. Tap the arrow next to the pickup location
    3. Select 'Tap to arrive' when you’re at the pickup location. Tap 'Confirm arrival' to send the rider a text (if we haven't already).
    4. Tap 'Pick up (passenger's name)' when the rider gets in to start the ride
    5. Tap 'Navigate' to begin navigation, then drive the rider to their destination
    6. Tap 'Tap to drop off' when you arrive at the drop-off location, then tap 'Confirm drop off' to end the ride
    7. Rate your passenger manually, or let the timer finish to auto-rate the passenger 5 stars. That's it!
    Heads up: Passengers can tip either in the app or with cash, but don't accept money for ride fare. Passengers should use the app to pay for rides.

    How rides appear in the app

    When you get a ride request, you'll see a notification with the passenger's name, pickup ETA, and ride type (Lyft Shared, Lyft Lux, etc).
    The Lyft Driver app may display ride request alerts in the following colors:

    Important info about giving rides

    There are a few more things about giving rides. Read below to learn about cancellations, no-shows, time limits, and other info.
    • You have 15 seconds to accept a ride. If you don’t accept within this time, we’ll offer the ride to another driver.
    • If you are close to your rider's pick up location, in-app navigation will not start when you accept the ride. This means that if you are within eye-sight or 20-30 seconds from the pick up location, the app will let you know you've arrived. When you tap to pick up, the app will begin the navigation to the drop off location.
    • If you don’t want to wait longer for your passenger, tap ‘No-show.’ You can choose whether to charge the passenger a no-show fee.
    • Pro-tip: Always ask the rider’s name to verify it’s their ride when they get in your vehicle
    • Don’t type addresses while driving.
    • Some riders have preferred routes. Feel free to let them call the shots!
    • After you ‘Tap to drop off,’ you can tap ‘Cancel’ to stay in the ride or tap ‘Confirm drop off’ to end the ride.
    • If you rate a passenger 3 stars or below, you won’t be matched with that passenger again. Passengers don’t see passenger feedback, only Lyft does.
    • If you see kilometers instead of miles, it's likely you need to update your device's country and language settings to the same region you're driving in. Use US English on your device to see distances as miles.
    *Preferred rides require a rating of 4.90, 300 lifetime rides, less than 2 clean flags in the last 20 rides, and 37" or more of legroom (based on manufacturer's specifications). This mode is only available to Lyft Rewards drivers in the Gold and Platinum tiers.
    Check out the Learning Center tab in your Lyft Driver app for safety driving tips and advice from some of our top drivers.
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