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    How to use pre-matching for Lyft and Lyft Shared rides

    Pre-matching places rides in a queue, which means you'll have a ride waiting for you once you complete your current one.
    Currently, pre-matching is only available to select drivers for standard Lyft and Lyft Shared rides.
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    How to indicate your last ride

    If you don't want to accept any more rides:
    1. Tap the arrow located in the top right side of the screen.
    2. Tap 'Sign off after last ride' to confirm.
    3. On your last ride, the app will show 'Last ride' when you're at the end of the ride queue. That's it!
    We won't add more rides after you drop off your last passenger and also sign you off.

    How to contact future passengers

    The ride overview shows details of the next route’s queued passengers in addition to the current passenger’s drop-off. You'll see each requesting passenger's photo and see the option to call them.

    Canceling a ride in your queue

    Canceling a ride in your queue doesn't impact your acceptance rate.
    To decline a queued ride while still in your current ride, tap ‘Ride overview.’ You will see your upcoming ride at the bottom of the screen. You can then tap ‘Decline’ in iOS or the ‘X’ button on Android and follow the prompts cancel your upcoming ride.
    This will not affect your acceptance rate, but if you are in a Ride Streak this will break your streak bonus.
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