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    Giving rides at Walt Disney World

    Follow the instructions below when giving rides at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You can also check out the Learning Center tab in you Lyft Driver app for more tips on when and where to drive.
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    Waiting for requests

    • Wait in the designated Staging Area. Only drivers within the designated areas are added to the queue.
    • The queue is first in-first out. The driver who has been waiting within the staging area in driver mode the longest gets the next request. Your physical location within the staging area does not affect your spot in the queue, but if you exit the staging area or log out of driver mode, you will lose your spot.
    • You can view your place in line in the app. Learn how to view your position in the queue here.
    • Passenger cancellations don't affect your place in line. If your passenger cancels on you, head back to the staging area. As long as you're back within 15 minutes, you'll be placed at the front of the queue.
    • Driver cancellations and missed requests do affect your place in line. If you are the one to cancel a request, or if you miss a request, you're placed at the back of the queue.


    • Pick up passengers from the designated locations in the image below.


    • Drop off passengers at their destination of choice. Always follow posted signs and traffic laws.

    Minnie Van Mode at Walt Disney World

    The Minnie Van mode is provided by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Resort employees at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. All Minnie Van ride vehicles are provided and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Lyft users choosing to take a ride in the Minnie Van mode agree that the Minnie Van mode is subject to Walt Disney World Resort policies.

    Driver Staging Area maps

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