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    Add your calendar to your Lyft profile

    At this time we’re only rolling this feature out to some Lyft users.
    When you’re in a hurry, sometimes you need a Lyft quicker than you think. We've added a new feature that lets you sync your phone's calendar with the Lyft app to see upcoming event locations. Whether you need to run across town for your child’s piano recital or make it to that interview in time, you can stay in the Lyft app to find where you need to go.
    How do I add my calendar to my Lyft profile?
    First, make sure you have the current version of Lyft. The app will prompt you to grant Lyft access to your iPhone or Android’s in-phone calendar. While other calendar apps are not directly supported at this time, any calendar apps (like Google Calendar) that you have synced with your phone’s calendar will still appear in the Lyft app.
    By tapping "Allow," Lyft will automatically let you choose addresses from your calendar when adding destinations.
    How does Lyft know where I’m going on my calendar?
    Your calendar event must have at least a street address and zip code, though city and state can help with accuracy.
    Lyft uses your calendar only to show:
    • Events that are currently in progress
    • Events that will occur in the next hour
    • Up to three events
    How many calendar events will Lyft register?
    Lyft will only check for a week's worth of calendar events at a time.
    I’ve added an event to my calendar but it’s not showing in Lyft. What gives?
    Lyft will only return calendar events that include:
    • A valid street address
    • A zip code or both city and state
    If your event has an address and you still don't see it, give the app five minutes to register your event. If the event still doesn't show after five minutes, try shutting down the app and turning it back on.
    How do I turn off the calendar feature?
    If you need to turn off the calendar destinations feature, you can do so from your phone's Settings application.
    For iPhones:
    1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
    2. Tap "Privacy"
    3. Tap "Calendars"
    4. Toggle off for the Lyft app
    For Androids:
    1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone
    2. Tap "Applications"
    3. Tap "Application Manager"
    4. Tap the Lyft app
    5. Tap "Permissions"
    6. Toggle off Calendar for the Lyft app
    I turned off the calendar destinations feature but I'm still seeing events. How come?
    When you turn off the calendar destinations feature no new calendar events will be seen in the Lyft app; however, events seven days from when you last used Lyft while the feature was turned on will still be visible. Once you turn the feature off, no further calendar events will be synced with Lyft beyond this seven-day period, and all old data will be removed.

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