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Driving history overview (applicant process)

Potential Lyft drivers must pass a driving record check. Lyft uses a third-party company to check driving records.

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Driving record checks

Lyft reviews the results of driving record checks and disqualifies applicants who don’t meet the standards of both Lyft and local regulations. Applicants are ineligible to drive on the Lyft platform if, among other things, any of the following are on your driving record:

  • Eight or more demerit points
  • A conviction in the past five years for impaired or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, failure to stop at the scene of a collision, careless driving, or driving with a suspended licence

Different standards may apply based on local requirements specific to ridesharing. Lyft conducts driving record re-checks annually. Lyft also reserves the right to disqualify a driver at any time should their driving record reveal any of the above items or for any safety-related reason at Lyft’s discretion.

If you don’t pass your driving record check, you’ll receive an email notification with instructions on how to see or dispute the results.

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Criminal record checks: resolving electronic ID verification issues

If you fail the electronic ID verification step during the application process, use the link provided by Sterling Talent Solutions to access a document that reads: “Instructions for Canada Post Physical Identity Verification” at the top.

Bring this document, two forms of identification, and proof of residency to a Canadian post office to complete your criminal records check.

If you can’t find the link to the Physical Identity Verification document, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the email from Sterling Talent Solutions. The subject will likely be: “Online Orders,” but possibly shown as “onlineorders.”
  2. Select the link provided in the email to re-enter the Sterling Talent Solutions portal
  3. Log in using the same password you created with Sterling when starting the verification process
  4. You’ll be taken directly to a page with a link to the Physical Identity Verification document
  5. Bring the Physical Identity Verification document, two forms of identification, and proof of residency to a Canadian post office. Canada Post representatives will then verify your identity and scan your document.
  6. After the Canada Post representative has scanned your document, your identity verification will automatically register with Sterling Talent Solutions and your criminal records check will process.

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