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    Ride Pass

    Ride Pass is a promotion offered to select riders that gives them special pricing on rides for a given time.
    Please note that Ride Passes are available only in select areas at this time.
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    How it works

    Ride Passes
    Ride Passes grant access to a specific promotional value for a set number of rides taken during a certain timeframe. See details and the expiration date for your plan in the 'Promos' tab of the Lyft app. Some Ride Passes are limited to specific ride types, such as standard, Shared, or XL.
    Example Ride Passes: $5 off of 10 rides

    How to purchase

    Ride Passes have limited availability at this time.
    If you receive an email offer to purchase a Ride Pass, you will only be eligible to purchase the type of Pass described in the email. Passes, subscriptions, and available cities are limited in number.
    If you’ve received a Lyft Pass offer and want to participate, follow these steps:
    1. Select ‘Get the Pass’ in your email offer
    2. Sign in your Lyft account
    3. Review the Pass offer details
    4. Accepts Terms and select ‘Buy.' That’s it!
    Once purchased, Ride Pass credits appear in the ‘Promos’ tab of your app, along with the approved ride modes, and the dollar amount per ride.
    A Ride Pass can't be refunded if it has been applied toward one or more rides.

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