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Finding rides on your map

You can request to match with available rides right from the map. When they’re available, you’ll see pins on the map that show the estimated distance, time, and earnings.
You aren’t required to accept the rides you view, and closing them won’t impact your acceptance rate or break any Ride Streaks. You can ‘Request to Match’ with as many rides as you’d like.
Note: Ride pins may not always be available. That doesn’t mean there aren’t rides in your area.
To choose a ride:
  1. On the home screen, tap any pin on the map to see a ride’s distance, time, and earnings.
  2. Tap ‘Request to Match’ if you want that ride. Tap ‘x’ in the top left corner if you don’t.
When choosing rides, pins:
  • May not appear immediately.
  • Might disappear if another driver is matched with the ride.
  • Don’t guarantee you’ll get the ride.
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