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    How to navigate a ride

    As a driver, you're there to get the passenger from point A to point B while providing a delightful experience. Continue reading for everything you need to know about navigating your Lyft ride.

    How to give a ride

    At the top of the screen, tap ‘Go Online’ to start receiving ride requests.
    Once you're online, follow these steps:
    1. When you get a ride request, you'll see a notification with the passenger's name, pickup ETA, and ride type. Tap anywhere to accept.
    2. Swipe up on the bottom panel to navigate to the pickup location.
    3. Tap ‘I’m here’ when you’re at the pickup location.
    4. Tap ‘Slide to pick up’ when the passenger gets in to start the ride.
    5. Tap 'Nav' to begin navigation, then drive the rider to their destination.
    6. Tap ‘Slide to drop off’ when you arrive at the drop-off location.
    7. Rate your passenger manually, or let the timer finish to auto-rate the passenger 5 stars.
    Heads up: Passengers can tip either in the app or with cash, but don't accept money for ride fare. Passengers should use the app to pay for rides.

    Changes to the address or multiple stops

    Changes to the address or multiple stops
    If passengers want to change their drop-off location or add a stop, they can update it in the app during the ride (except for Lyft Shared rides).
    The app alerts you when a passenger adds a stop or changes their drop-off location.
    Rides with added stops will likely be longer and result in higher earnings.
    Waiting at a stop
    If a passenger asks you to wait for them at a stop, set expectations by agreeing on wait time. Taking a moment to do this will help make your ride easier and frustration-free.
    If the passenger doesn’t return at the agreed-upon time, feel free to end the ride. You can also suggest the passenger request a new Lyft when they’re ready to go.
    How to end a ride at a stop
    • Don’t cancel the ride ​​— this will cancel the whole ride, and you won’t be paid for the part that you drove.
    • Instead, tap ‘Slide to drop off.’

    Navigation apps vs. passenger directions

    Some passengers have a preferred route and will ask you to follow their directions instead of the app. For standard Lyft and Lyft XL rides, this is OK. We recommend letting them call the shots.
    It's up to you whether you follow a passenger's directions. Keep in mind that they're paying for a ride from you and can rate you at the end based on their experience.

    Lyft Shared rides

    Lyft Shared rides are less flexible than regular rides because multiple passengers with different destinations may be sharing your vehicle. Learn how Shared rides work.
    Always follow the app's instructions
    In a Shared ride, you may have more than one party to pick up. Passengers know this and shouldn't expect you to take the most direct route every time.
    Your app will give you step-by-step directions to pick up and drop off each passenger. This route is built on efficiency, so the order of who is picked up and dropped off first varies from ride to ride.
    No multiple stops or changes to the address
    • No changes to the address: Shared ride prices are fixed and calculated based on the address the passenger enters. If they change their mind, they'll need to cancel the ride and re-request.
    • No extra stops: Shared rides are meant to go from point A to B. No stops should be added to the ride.
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