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Using VoiceOver in iOS to create an account or log back in

The Lyft app is fully compatible with VoiceOver in iOS.
This guide demonstrates how to use the native screen reader for creating a Lyft account, signing into an existing Lyft account, or recovering your Lyft account if you’ve changed your phone number. If you're looking for help requesting a ride, read our article Using VoiceOver in iOS to request a ride.
If you're experiencing issues with VoiceOver after the iOS14 update that introduced Screen Recognition, the feature can be turned off for the Lyft app.
To turn off Screen Recognition, go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver > VoiceOver Recognition > Screen Recognition. At the bottom of this screen, there is an Apply To Apps button; double-tap this to open up a list of apps and make sure that the Lyft app is not selected. Screen Recognition also appears as a Rotor Option when using an app, which you can use to turn it on or off.
Use one of those methods to turn Screen Recognition off, then move a finger around on the screen to focus VoiceOver on anything on the screen to fix the experience, or close Lyft from the Application Switcher and restart the app.
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Creating a Lyft account or signing into the app
After launching the Lyft app, you’ll be presented with a ‘Get started’ button. Double-tap that button to begin. Your first prompt will be to enter your phone number.
If you're an existing Lyft rider and you've changed phone number, or need to recover your account, swipe right from the phone number text field and double-tap the 'Find My Account' button to recover your account via email.
Once you've submitted the email associated with your Lyft account, we will send you an account recovery link.
If you already have an account and need to log in, follow the same steps below to sign back in.
Step 1: Enter your phone number
The next screen will say ‘What’s your number?’. VoiceOver will ask you for your phone number and the number pad will open at the bottom of the screen. Enter your phone number.
The ‘Next’ button will appear just above the number 3 on the number pad.
If you don't have a phone based in the US, swipe left once from the phone number text field to find the country code button. Double-tap this to bring up the country code screen.
Select your country and double-tap to set that as your phone number prefix. You will automatically return to the 'What's your number?' screen.
Navigate to the phone number text field to enter your phone number, then double-tap the 'Next' button to continue.
Step 2: Enter your verification code
Once you’ve entered your phone number, Lyft will send you a text message with a numerical verification code. Enter this code on the ‘What’s the code?’ screen. The number pad will be open and active at the bottom of the screen.
When you’ve received the text, iOS will automatically offer a typing suggestion at the top of the number pad that will contain the verification code. Double-tap the suggestion to automatically enter the code and advance to the next screen, or type the code in manually.
If you didn’t receive the code, return to the phone number screen and make sure your phone number is correct.
If you still haven't received the code, swipe right until you get to the 'Resend code' button and double-tap to receive another one.
Step 3: Enter your first and last name
The next screen will prompt you to enter your name. The ‘First name’ text field will already be active and the keyboard will be at the bottom of the screen. After you’ve filled in your first and last name fields, swipe right until you get to the ‘Next’ button.
Hint: If you’re using the iOS Braille Screen Input feature, swiping right with two fingers will advance your VoiceOver cursor from the ‘First name’ field to the ‘Last name’ field, and swiping right again with two fingers will advance you to the next screen.
Step 4: Enter your email address
On the next screen, you will need to navigate to the email text field and double-tap to activate it. Double-tap the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the final screen, or swipe right with two fingers if you are using Braille Screen Input.
Step 5: Terms of Service
The final page of the sign up process contains our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Use the VoiceOver rotor to select heading navigation, and swipe vertically to quickly navigate to each section of the document. Double-tap the ‘I agree’ button at the bottom of the screen to finish setting up your account.
Step 6: Setting up your payment method
Before you request your first ride, you’ll need to set up your default payment method.
After agreeing to the Terms of Service, you'll immediately be brought to the Payment Option screen.
The credit card number field will be activated and the keyboard will be ready at the bottom of the screen.
After entering valid numbers in each field, the VoiceOver cursor will automatically jump to the next field and announce what the field is.
You'll be asked for your credit card number, the month and year of the expiration date, the CVV for the card, and your zip code in that order.
Swiping right through the payment screen will give you options to scan your credit card using your phone camera, set up payment with a PayPal account, or enter a Lyft coupon code for ride credit.
Once your information has been entered correctly, your payment will be saved and you'll be moved to the home screen.
You can choose to start ordering your first ride for right now or schedule a ride for later.
Congratulations! You are now signed up for Lyft and ready to request your first ride.
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