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Send a ride credit

Send someone a Lyft ride credit for up to $20. You can set the expiration date up to 14 days in the future.
You must have a Lyft account to send ride credits.
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Sending a credit
Ride credits are created from the Lyft app and you can send up to ten credits per week.
To send a ride credit:
  1. Open your Lyft app
  2. Go to  ‘Rewards’ in the menu.
  3. Tap ‘Send a ride credit.’
  4. Tap ‘Create a ride credit.’
  5. Enter the required info.
  6. Tap ‘Create ride credit.’
  7. Review the ride credit details and tap ‘Confirm.’
You don’t have to enter a location, but keep in mind that the recipient will be able to use the credit on any ride if one isn’t entered.
When purchasing a ride credit, you’ll be able to set an expiration date. This date can be set to 14 days in the future.
Note: Info linked with your Lyft account, such as email, phone number, or address won't be shared. Recipients will only see your first name.
Sharing a ride credit
You can send the ride credit link as an email or a text message from the ‘Ride credit details’ page.
From the ‘Send a credit,’ page:
  1. Tap on the recipient’s name to see the credit details.
  2. Tap on ‘Share ride credit with recipient’ under the Send ride credit section.
  3. Select the link delivery method (email or text) and send it to the recipient.
Keep in mind that once the link is shared, it can be re-shared until it is used. Lyft has no visibility into who the link is sent to.
Note: If the recipient doesn’t have a Lyft account they’ll have to create one.
Editing a ride credit
You’ll have to cancel the ride credit if you want to change the expiration date, amount, or recipient of the ride credit.
Canceling a ride credit
You can cancel a ride credit at any time as long as the recipient hasn’t used it.
To cancel:
  1. Open your Lyft app
  2. Go to ‘Rewards’ in the menu.
  3. Tap ‘Send a ride credit’.
  4. Select the recipient’s name
  5. Tap ‘Cancel the ride credit’ at the bottom of the page
  6. Tap ‘Cancel the ride credit’ once again to confirm
Your refund will be initiated and may take 5-7 business days to process.
Unused or partially used credit
If the ride credit isn’t used or is partially used, you’ll get a full refund or partial refund. This refund begins processing  on the selected expiration date.
It may take 5-7 business days for your refund to complete processing.
Receiving a credit
You can use ride credits for Lyft rides, bikes, and scooters.
To redeem a ride credit, you’ll have to have a Lyft account. See How to create a Lyft account for more info.
Ride credits are automatically applied on your next eligible ride. Make sure to change your payment method if you don’t want to use your ride credit on your next ride.
You can change your payment method before requesting a ride. Tap the payment method below the ride types, after you confirm your drop-off location.
To redeem a ride credit:
  1. Open the link sent to you by text or email.
  2. Tap ‘Accept ride credit’
  3. The Lyft app will open to confirm the ride credit was claimed.
You’ll see info on the amount, date, time,  event drop-off location (if one was added), and the expiration date.
Ride credits can’t be used for:
  • Driver tips
  • Cancellation fees
  • Other charges and fees
Your default payment method will be used to cover ride overages, tips, cancels, and other charges and fees.
You can see ride credits under the ‘Lyft Pass’ section of the ‘Payment’ tab.
The sender won’t be able to see your pickup and drop-off location, personal information, or any other ride details. They’ll only be able to see the date the credit was used, how much of the credit was used, and your first name.
If you’re having issues  with a ride credit, use the ‘Contact us’ button below.

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