How to fix log-in issues

We know it's important for you to access your Lyft account when you need it.

Before you begin

Get started

If we tried to send you a verification code but you didn't receive it, follow these steps:

  1. Text STARTALL to 46080
  2. Open the app, then tap 'Get Started'
  3. Enter your phone number. If you created your account with Facebook, you can also tap 'Login with Facebook.'
  4. Enter your phone number when prompted. Next, we'll text a new 4-digit verification code to your phone.
  5. Do not select 'Resend code.' This can delay the process.
  6. If you still didn't receive the code, tap 'Problems receiving code.' We'll provide a verification code on a phone call.
  7. Use the code we give you to log in. That's it!

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