Add time during pickup

Sometimes passengers need a little extra time when getting ready. To help drivers make money while navigating the fashionably late, we’re testing added time to pickups.

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About added time

For $4, passengers can ask their driver to wait an extra five minutes after arrival at the pickup location. We’re currently testing this feature, so not everyone will see the option to add time for their driver during pickups.

Drivers can opt out or cancel added time rides without affecting acceptance rate at this time.

This feature is only available for original Lyft, Premier, and Lyft Plus.

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How to add wait time

Passengers are notified when a driver arrives at a pickup location and the pickup timer begins to count down as usual.

With added wait time, passengers can tap 'Need more time?' The app will then prompt passengers to confirm they want to pay for the added wait time.

If a passenger adds wait time, drivers will see an extra five minutes added to the countdown timer. A notification lets drivers know the passenger added time.

Heads up: Passengers can only add wait time once per ride.

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Prime Time and airports

At this time, the added time feature will be disabled during Prime Time and at airports.

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Payment and fees

The added wait time fee is $4. Lyft’s commission will be taken out of the $4 fee, so the post-commission amount will be closer to about $3, depending on specific commission rate.

If a passenger is a no-show but has already added time, drivers receive both the city-specific no-show fee and the $4 added time fee.

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