How Shuttle works for passengers

Lyft Shuttle is a shared ride feature that’s part of Line and is available in select U.S. cities during commute hours for a fixed price, meaning no Prime Time.

Passengers walk to and from designated pickup and dropoff locations, so there aren’t surprise stops or detours.

Shuttle isn’t a bus or van. You’ll be picked up in a normal car, similar to original Lyft or Line. Each route’s price is different based on time and distance.

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Differences between Shuttle and Line

Price: Line prices can change since they are subject to Prime Time, but each Shuttle route has a fixed price.

Stops: Line takes you from door-to-door. For Shuttle, you walk to and from designated pickup and dropoff locations.

You may experience detours on Line while picking up or dropping off other passengers. With Shuttle, stops will always be on the way to your destination.

Passenger limit: Line lets you bring another passenger in your party, but Shuttle will only accommodate one passenger per ride request at this time.

At one time, the maximum number of passengers in a Line ride is four, but Shuttle only allows three.

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Shuttle is only available in Chicago and San Francisco at this time.

Shuttle is available Monday through Friday between the commute hours of 6:30 am-10:30 am and 4 pm-8 pm.

You can see all routes in these cities on the Shuttle home page. Routes are one-directional and can be different in the evening than they are in the morning.

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The route shown in the app includes all possible designated pickup or dropoff points. Once there aren’t more passengers to be picked up (because there’s no room or requests), you’ll head directly to the first dropoff location.

The route line shown in the app is directional but not fixed. As usual, drivers use GPS to find the most efficient route between stops. See a map of all routes on the Shuttle home page.

Stops are fixed to ensure you don’t backtrack, but the route changes based on the fastest way to get from stop to stop.

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How to request

Here's how to request a Shuttle ride:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select Line mode
  3. Toggle the 'Shuttle' option
  4. Enter your pickup and dropoff locations
  5. Request or schedule a ride, then walk to the designated pickup destination. That's it!

To schedule a Shuttle ride, tap the clock icon at the bottom of the trip panel. Scroll up or down to choose a date and time, then select ‘Schedule Shuttle.’

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Commuter benefits

We don’t currently offer payment using commuter benefits accounts in San Francisco or Chicago. We hope to offer this option soon!

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