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Prime Time for passengers

Our goal at Lyft is to provide the best, most reliable service possible by making sure drivers are on the road when and where you need a ride.

We use Prime Time to encourage drivers to drive in areas and at times with more demand than usual. In these cases, passengers may pay an additional percentage in addition to the normal price.

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How Prime Time works

Prime Time changes based on supply of drivers and demand of rides.

Prime Time adds a percentage to the ride subtotal (calculated prior to The Service Fee, taxes and airport fees, as applicable). Read more about how Lyft calculates ride amounts.

For example, if a ride costs $5 and there’s 150% Prime Time, the ride will cost $5 plus $7.50 for a total of $12.50 (and any other applicable fees).

Passengers who enter pickup and dropoff locations will not see a Prime Time notification when requesting a ride because the total price is shown up front. See more about up-front pricing on the Lyft Blog.

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When will I see prime time? 

You may see prime time when requesting a ride without entering a destination.




You may also see primetime as a line item in your Ride History and receipts. 



These images are only an example. Actual Prime Time percentages may vary.

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