Driver summaries

Driving History in the Dashboard includes information about recent rides and earnings. You can see earnings specific information for the year, week, day or specific ride by selecting the correct range.

Start by clicking on Driving History 


You will automatically see a list of the earnings for the current year but can select a different year


Select the week you want to review


There you will see an overview of all your earnings and applicable charges from that week


If you scroll down on this report you will see the earnings for each day


Select a specific day to see details of the earnings that day and a list of completed rides



Feedback Summary

On Fridays, we email drivers their weekly feedback summaries. The email address we send summaries to is the same as the one in your app's 'Settings.' The exact time that we send summaries may change.

Heads up: To see a summary of your earnings, use the 'Driving History' tab of the Driver Dashboard.

Feedback summaries include:

  • Passenger feedback: any comments your passengers gave you
  • Star rating comparison: your current week's 5-star rating average, last week's average rating, and average rating for all drivers
  • Lifetime ride counter: sum of all rides you've ever given

Learn more about Driver & passenger ratings.

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