Power Zones


Power Zones are a way to earn more as a Lyft driver. It's simple: during the week we’ll send eligible drivers an SMS about upcoming Power Zones in their city. Rides given within applicable hours qualify if:

  • The rider is in the Power Zone at the time of request, or
  • The driver is in the zone at the time of request

As long as either or both of these criteria are met, drivers are guaranteed to earn more for these rides. If Prime Time is higher than that minimum, we’ll make sure you get the higher amount.

Power Zone earnings are capped at $195 per ride and will be included in the 'Bonuses' section on your receipt.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible? Currently, we’re only offering Power Zones to a few of our drivers. If you’re eligible, then you’ll receive a notification via SMS for the applicable zone and hours.

Where do I see Power Zone maps and times? View the current week’s schedule with all applicable hours and zones by tapping on the ‘Earnings’ tab in the In-app Driver Console. You can also view zones and times from Driver Dashboard in the ‘Bonus Zones’ section. 


What’s the difference between Power Zones and Prime Time? While both Power Zones and Prime Time show on your map, Prime Time is determined by real-time passenger demand and fluctuates through the day.

Power Zones are set up during the week or weekend and guarantee that you earn more per ride. Power Zones don’t impact what passengers pay.


Is Power Zone subject to Lyft's fees? Yes, any bonus drivers receive may be subject to Lyft's fees.

Need help? If you’re on a mobile device, use the Lyft Driver’s ‘Help’ tab to see options for contacting us. Be sure you’ve got the most updated app version.

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