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    Lyft Shared rides for drivers

    Lyft Shared rides let passengers that are headed in the same direction share a ride. This ride type gives you the chance to earn more with longer rides and less time between rides.
    Shared rides are now available in certain cities.
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    Keeping our community safe

    We’ve made some changes to Shared rides with the safety of our community in mind.

    Changes to pickups

    Shared rides are now limited to one passenger per pickup (previously, they were limited to two per pickup). Both you and your passengers are required to wear face coverings at all times.
    We’ll never put more than a total of two passengers in your car at one time. The front passenger and back middle seats should always stay empty.
    You can cancel the ride if a passenger isn’t following the rules. This won’t affect your acceptance rate, driver rating, or any ride streaks.

    Expectations during the ride

    All drivers and passengers are required to agree to our Health Safety Commitment. This includes:
    • Wearing a face covering at all times
    • Leaving the front seat empty
    • Opening windows
    • Avoiding recirculated air

    Declining Shared ride requests

    We want you to feel safe and comfortable during all of your rides. It’s not possible to opt out of Shared ride requests. However, if you don’t feel comfortable giving a Shared ride, you can decline the request.
    Through the end of 2021, you can decline Shared ride requests (or let them lapse) without it affecting you negatively. It won’t affect your acceptance rate, driver rating, or any ride streaks.

    Shared ride issues

    Issues with passengers

    We ask that passengers are considerate toward you and their co-riders. This includes keeping calls quiet and using headphones.
    If you have any safety concerns or issues with a passenger, you can let us know when you rate them.
    Passengers can rate their co-riders without affecting your driver rating.
    If you don’t feel safe, or if a passenger isn’t following our Health Safety Commitment, you can cancel the ride.

    Too many passengers

    Shared rides are currently limited to one passenger per pickup.
    You can cancel if there’s more than one passenger at a pickup. This won’t affect your acceptance rate, driver rating, or any ride streaks.
    Passengers should request a standard Lyft or Lyft XL ride if they need a ride for multiple people. If they're charged a cancellation fee, they can contact our support team for help.

    Destination changes

    Passengers can’t change the drop off location for a Shared ride. They’ll need to request another ride with the right drop-off locations.
    We recommend following the navigation in your app to avoid inefficient routes.

    Multiple stops

    Shared rides can’t be used for multiple stops. If passengers need to make multiple stops, they should request a standard Lyft.

    Lost and found

    It’s hard to tell who an item belongs to after a Shared ride. Currently, you can’t contact a specific passenger from a Shared ride.
    If you have a lost item from a Shared ride, we suggest holding onto it until you hear from the passenger or Lyft support.
    If you don't hear from the passenger or receive an email from Lyft within a week of the ride, we recommend the following options:
    • Take the item to a police station if it contains personal info (such as a wallet, ID/passport, computer, or phone).
    • Dispose of the item if it doesn't contain any personal info.

    Calculating Shared ride pay

    Shared ride pay for each route is calculated by:
    • Distance
    • Time
    • Base fare
    If Shared rides are available in your region, check your Rate Card for details.
    You're always paid the base fare plus the time and distance of the entire route. This means your earnings aren’t affected if you only have one passenger for the ride.
    Here's a map of what a Shared ride can look like:
    Lyft Line route example

    Example Shared ride calculation

    Here's how earnings for the Shared rides above breaks down:
    • Base fare: $3
    • Time (20 min at $0.25/min): $5
    • Distance (6 miles at $2/mi): $12
    Your subtotal will be $20 ($3 + $5 +$12).
    Any tips from your passengers will be added to your earnings for the ride.

    Shared ride passenger cancellations

    You'll get a cancellation fee if either of the following happens:
    • The first passenger cancels and meets the cancellation fee criteria
    • You mark the first passenger as a no-show
    If other passengers cancel, time and distance traveled are calculated into your earnings.
    For example, you may go a mile or so out of the way to get your second passenger and spend an extra few minutes. The total pay you receive will include this amount of distance and time whether they're picked up or not.
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