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    Coverage Areas

    The Lyft coverage area is the zone in which passengers can request rides.

    Can I get ride requests if I'm outside the coverage area?

    No. All drivers need to be inside a coverage area to receive requests.

    Can I drive in more than one coverage area?

    You are only approved to drive in one coverage area. It's typically fine to drive in more than one city if it's within the same state (like California). You are not permitted to drive in a different state, or a city with specific requirements.
    If you're moving or would like to permanently drive in a different region, you'll need to update your license, insurance and Lyft profile.

    Can passengers request rides outside the coverage area?

    No. Passengers must be inside the zone in order to request a ride.

    Can passengers be dropped off outside the coverage area?

    That's totally fine — they can be dropped off up to 100 miles outside. Once you've dropped them off, just head back to the coverage area to get your next request.
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