Shell and the Fuel Rewards® program

Note: The Accelerate rewards program is ending. You have until August 30 to use your rewards before they expire. Review these by visiting your Driver Dashboard.

We're launching a new rewards program and will have more details when it’s available for you.

We’ve partnered with Shell and the Fuel Rewards program to help lower your fuel costs. To get started, link your Lyft account to a Fuel Rewards account, and watch your price at the pump roll back. Read below for details about how you can take advantage of this program today.

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How the Fuel Rewards program works

As a Lyft driver, you can save on fuel at participating Shell stations by linking your Lyft account to a Fuel Rewards account.

Your savings per gallon is decided by your Accelerate Rewards level — so the more rides you give, the more Fuel Rewards savings you earn.

Heads up: Depending on your Accelerate level, you’ll receive the following daily fuel savings when you fill up at the pump:

  • Silver: 5¢/gallon
  • Gold: 5¢/gallon
  • Platinum: 7¢/gallon

New Fuel Rewards members will enjoy an extra 25¢/gallon on your first fill-up, in addition to your everyday savings.


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How to redeem

To redeem Fuel Rewards:

  1. Open your Accelerate dashboard
  2. Select your Fuel Reward to create or link your account. Your Fuel Rewards card will be mailed to you after completing sign up. To find your Fuel Rewards Alt ID or to check if your account is linked, see the Connected Services page.
  3. Visit a participating Shell station and swipe your Fuel Rewards card or enter your Alt ID. To find participating Shell stations, visit fuelrewards.com or download the Fuel Rewards mobile app. Terms & Conditions apply. 

See Shell's terms and conditions.

Heads up: The Fuel Rewards program is only available in the US at this time. 

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