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Power Driver Bonus

The Power Driver Bonus program rewards drivers with bonuses based on how much they drove in a week.

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The basics

Drivers who successfully meet all Power Driver Bonus requirements can get additional earnings.

Power Driver Bonus resets weekly. If you qualified one week for Power Driver Bonus, you may not qualify the next week.

The Power Driver Bonus isn't always available to all markets or drivers. If you don’t see an email from us about your eligibility, don’t be discouraged. Even eligible drivers may not qualify for the Power Driver Bonus.

Continue meeting the requirements below, and we’ll let you know whether you qualify. Always check your In-app Driver Console and Driver Dashboard to see your eligibility for the current week and other details.

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  • Region: Power Driver Bonus must be available in your region
  • Vehicle: Cars must be a 2011 model or newer to be eligible for Power Driver Bonus. More than half of the rides in a week must be with an eligible vehicle.
  • Rides: Meet the ride requirements visible in your In-app Driver Console and Driver Dashboard. These requirements may include giving a certain number of peak rides.
  • Acceptance Rate: Some offers may require you to maintain a 90% acceptance rate for the week

See your requirements and progress from the ‘Earnings’ tab in the Lyft Driver app.


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Payment timing

We’ll calculate your Power Driver Bonus at the end of the week (Monday at 4:59 AM local time) and add it to your weekly deposit, which is started on Tuesdays. Heads up: depending on your bank, you may not see the deposit until up to seven days later. This happens when your personal bank is still processing the deposit.

Power Driver Bonus and Shared rides

Each Shared ride passenger ride counts toward your weekly ride requirement as one completed ride.

For example, if one Shared ride includes two separate ride requests, it counts as two completed rides. All Shared rides count toward the hour when the first Shared request was made.

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Peak rides

Peak rides are rides given during the busiest times, which are called peak hours. These are the times we consistently need more drivers to meet the number of ride requests.

Rides count as peak rides if the ride was requested during a peak hour. Peak hours aren’t necessarily the same as Prime Time (which can happen at any time). Peak hours change weekly and by city.

Drivers can view peak hours in their region in the In-app Driver Console and Driver Dashboard (learn how to change your city).

Need help? Tap 'Call Me' to contact our driver support team.


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In some regions, the Power Driver Bonus may have benchmarks, or tiers, that, when met, let you earn more back. Heads up: the bonus amounts on tiers aren't cumulative, meaning they don't add up.

For example, say a Power Driver Bonus has a $50 tier and a $100 tier. The $50 tier may require you to get a 90% or higher acceptance rate, 10 Peak Rides, and 30 Total Rides during the week. The $100 tier may require a 90% or higher acceptance rate, 20 Peak Rides, and 45 Total Rides.

If you successfully met the $100 tier Power Driver Bonus requirements, you would receive an additional $100 to your earnings, not $150.

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