How to use Destination Mode

Destination Mode allows you to easily fit driving into your schedule by matching you with rides that get you closer to your destination by a specific time. We’re currently testing the ability to set an arrival time, in addition to your destination.

Heads up: The 'Arrival Time' feature has been temporarily removed while we work on improvements.

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Using Destination Mode

Destination Mode allows you to control the rides you receive by filtering them in one of two ways:

  • By setting an arrival time so you can maximize your earnings until the time you chose to go offline
  • By specifying a destination so you only receive rides going in that direction

Destination Mode can be activated in all regions where Lyft is available and will pair you with passengers requesting any ride type. Ride requests look the same as they do in standard driver mode.

If you don't receive a request within 30 minutes, you'll automatically go offline so you can continue navigating to your destination.

How to enter Destination Mode

  1. Open the Lyft Driver app, go online, and tap the filter icon in the top right corner
  2. Choose between filtering rides by an arrival time or destination
  3. Enter your destination (home, work, an appointment, your kid’s school, etc.)
  4. If you selected 'arrive on time,’ enter the time you need to be at your destination
  5. To edit your arrival time or destination, tap the pencil icon. That’s it!

How matching works

  • If you have an arrival time selected while Destination Mode is active, you may be matched with rides going in any direction (even rides that take you farther from your destination). As your arrival time gets closer, you'll be matched with rides that get you closer to your desired destination. We'll also send you an alert when it's time to head there so you arrive on time.
  • If you don’t have an arrival time selected while Destination Mode is active, you'll only receive requests that will get you closer to your destination. You may not always be closer in terms of miles, but you will be closer to your destination in terms of travel time to your destination.

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How often you can use Destination Mode

You can use Destination Mode up to six times a day. The six uses reset at midnight local time. Going offline while Destination Mode is active counts towards the daily usage limit.

New York City drivers are limited to 2 Destination Mode uses per day due to legislative changes. This limit ensures more rides with shorter pickup times and ultimately helps maximize your earnings.

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How to exit Destination Mode

Tap ‘Edit’ next to the destination address, then select ‘remove filter,’ and you'll go back to receiving regular ride requests.

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Destination Mode and bonuses

While in Destination Mode, any rides not accepted are still factored in your acceptance rate.

Time spent in Destination Mode doesn't count as time online required for bonuses. However, rides given in Destination Mode do count toward Power Zones ride requirements.

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