Driver Event Coordinator Program Overview

What is the Driver Event Coordinator Program?

The Driver Event Coordinator Program supports our tribe of trusted drivers who work on creative ways to bring the community together. Every Lyft city should experience the magic of meetups, where strong bonds are forged within our communities. Get started by hosting your first event!

Who can host events?

Any driver can host an event. Let us know what you have in the works, and we’ll help you promote it to your local driver community.

How do I become a Driver Event Coordinator?

Host 3 approved driver socials to achieve Driver Event Coordinator status and unlock special rewards!

What are the perks of being a Driver Event Coordinator?

Perks of being a Driver Event Coordinator include exclusive swag, access to the private Driver Event Coordinator Facebook Lounge, and membership to Lyft Beta.

How do I submit an event?

Head to the Events tab on the Community Hub to let us know about your upcoming driver social. Click ‘Submit Your Event,’ to input your event details. Click ‘Create Event,’ then confirm by hitting ‘Finish and Go to Event’ to view your Splash page.

Will Lyft fund my event?

Driver events are not sponsored by Lyft. We’ve found that drivers are okay to chip in a few dollars for a fun time with friends. Keep this in mind when hosting your driver meetup and let the community know the associated cost to drivers.

When will I hear if my event is approved?

We’ll let you know within 24 hours (M-F) if your event is approved.

How far in advance must I plan an event?

Submit your event by Thursday the week prior to your event for your meetup to be featured in the Community Digest. The earlier you submit it, the more we can promote it! Spontaneous events are welcome too. They will be promoted in the upcoming events section of the Hub.

How do people get invited to driver-hosted events?

We will host your Splash page on the Events tab of the Hub as soon as your event is approved. We will also promote your event in the Community Digest. The rest is up to you! Promote your Splash page in the Lounge and to your Lyft pals.

How often can I host events?

The more opportunities our driver community has to come together, the better! Host events as often as you please.

Can I host the same event every week?

Instead of creating a new event page every week, fill out this form to create a Weekly Social. We will promote your hangout on the Hub and in the Community Digest.

How do I track attendance?

We’ll send you a Splash mobile check-in link in your approval and event reminder emails. Please be sure to check-in everyone who attends your event.

What kind of events are successful?

Successful events come in many varieties, from coffee meetups to trips to the amusement park. Here are some event ideas from the archives:

  • Stay in: board game night, potluck
  • Play: bowling, whirley ball, putt putt
  • Fun: karaoke
  • Celebrate the season: ice skating, pumpkin carving

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