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How Shuttle works for drivers

Lyft Shuttle is a shared ride feature. It is only available during commute hours for a fixed price in select U.S. cities.

All drivers are eligible to receive Shuttle ride requests if Shuttle is available in their city.

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Driver pay

Drivers are paid the same rate as original Lyft and Lyft Line for Shuttle rides, regardless of what the passenger pays.

While passengers don’t pay Prime Time prices, drivers will still be paid Prime TIme rates when Prime Time applies.

Each successful and completed Shuttle ride counts toward your Power Driver Bonus.

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Differences between Shuttle and Line

Stops: Shuttle passengers walk to meet drivers at designated pickup locations. Drivers may pick up or drop off multiple passengers at the same location. The app lets you specify how many passengers you drop off or pick up at each location.

You may go on detours on Line while picking up or dropping off passengers. With Shuttle, any stops will be on the way to the passengers’ destinations. There is no backtracking since the stops are fixed.

Countdown timer: Unlike Lyft Line, the countdown timer for Shuttle is dynamic based on the time you arrive at the pickup location.

If there’s still time left on the countdown when you arrive, the passenger may still be walking to meet you. When this happens, it’s best to find a safe place to wait and turn your hazard lights on.

We know waiting can be frustrating when there’s already a passenger in the car. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve Shuttle.

Passenger limit: Unlike Lyft Line, Shuttle only accommodates one passenger per ride request at this time.

Shuttle only allows three passengers maximum in a given ride, unlike Lyft Line which allows four.

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Like Line, drivers have flexibility in the route they take. Your GPS will show the most efficient route to take between designated pick-ups and drop-offs.

We worked with local drivers to check designated pickup and dropoff locations for legality and safety. You shouldn’t need to worry about waiting at red curbs or bus stops.

The side of the street matters when picking up or dropping off Shuttle riders. Because stops are specifically ordered, arriving on the correct side of the street also makes it easier for you. It’s best to pay attention to the pin in the app so you can see the correct side for designated locations.

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Shuttle is only available in select cities at this time: Chicago and San Francisco.

You may receive Shuttle requests Monday through Friday between the commute hours of 6:30 AM — 10:30 AM and 4 PM — 8 PM.

You can see all routes in these cities on the Shuttle home page. Routes are one-directional and might be different in the evening than they are in the morning.

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