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    Express Drive pricing for California drivers

    Express Drive drivers in San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose now only pay for the actual miles they drive (along with the usual rental rate, taxes, and fees). Keep an eye on your email for more information.
    Rate cards vary by market, so please check your email for a message from Lyft with more information.
    The pricing details below only apply to Flexdrive drivers. This pricing doesn’t apply to Hertz drivers.
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    Weekly pricing model

    Your weekly Flexdrive costs are based on a weekly rental base rate and per-mile cost for personal and Lyft miles driven, plus taxes and fees.
    Weekly rental base rate: This rate includes standard maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. This rate doesn’t include personal or Lyft miles.
    Pay-per-mile: You pay per-mile for all personal and Lyft miles you drive. This rate is based on your vehicle type and market. Lyft miles cost less than personal miles. Your Lyft miles include all miles driven while you’re online in your Lyft Driver app. Personal miles include all other miles you drive.

    Mileage Tracking

    Your total rental costs can vary week to week since you only pay for the miles you use.
    You can see your mileage costs for the current week in your Earnings tab:
    1. Tap your earnings at the top of your app’s home screen.
    2. Tap ‘See weekly breakdown.’
    Your ‘Weekly Mileage’ will be listed in your weekly breakdown. This amount updates every time you go offline to reflect your accrued mileage costs.
    Keep in mind that your personal miles amount is prorated in the first week of the rental, so it may be less than the plan's amount.
    1. You sign up for a 200 personal mile weekly plan.
    2. You start your rental in the middle of the week.
    3. You'll have 85 personal miles for rest of the week.
    You can track your personal miles and Lyft miles any time in the ‘Vehicles’ tab of your Lyft Driver app. You can also see how many miles you drove in previous weeks.

    Cashing out with Express Pay

    The amount you need to earn to cover your rental costs will change based on the miles you drive. Your earnings will be available to cash out when your Lyft earnings are greater than your Flexdrive rental base rate plus per-mile costs. You can see your rental costs in the ‘Earnings’ tab.
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