The Glowstache

True story: Our light-up Glowstache was created by the same designers who branded Virgin America and Beats. Since we introduced it to the world a year and a half ago, our original Glowstache has enjoyed a great run lighting up dashboards nationwide.

How do I get a Glowstache?

The Glowstache is now in retirement while we build something even better — so we are no longer shipping them out. 

Should I display the Lyft emblem if I have a Glowstache?

We strongly encourage you to keep that cheeky windshield emblem on display whenever you're in driver mode. It's required trade dress for many cities.

How do I install the Glowstache?

The Glowstache comes in two pieces: the base and the 'stache itself. The base (the black, rectangular piece) is magnetic, and sticks to your dashboard. The 'stache can (and should) be removed from the base when you're not driving — it's not meant to be stored in hot temperatures or direct sunlight.

1. Mount the Glowstache base. 

The ideal location is centered on the dash below the rearview mirror. If it doesn't easily fit in the center, place it to the right. Be careful not to block any vents. The base is meant to be mounted once and not moved. To place the base:

  1. Clean the dash. Dust and grime are sworn enemies of the Glowstache — the base will not stick to unclean surfaces. Use the cleaning wipe we've included, inside the lid of the tube.
  2. Dry it off. Grab a clean towel and dry your dashboard before placing the base.
  3. Warm it up. The adhesive will not stick as well if your car is really cold — warm up your car to about 60 degrees before mounting the base.
  4. Drop the base. Peel the backing off the base, and carefully place it in the middle of your dashboard.

2. Light it up.

Thanks to our brilliant engineers, operation of the Glowstache is easy. After mounting your base, place your Glowstache onto the magnetic base.

  1. Turn it on by pressing the power button.
  2. Turn it off by pressing and holding the power button.

Want to give your passenger a great visual signal to a passenger that you've arrived? Press the power button when it's already on and the Glowstache will slowly pulse!

3. Charge your Glowstache

When your Glowstache's battery gets low, the status ring will flash 3 times when you press the power button. This will indicate that it needs to recharge:

  1. Plug the included micro-USB cable into the Glowstache.
  2. Plug the other end into a USB port.
  3. You're all set for 18-24 hours of Glowstache goodness.

When the Glowstache is plugged in and charging, the light ring will flash. When it's fully charged, the ring will be illuminated. Feel free to charge it while you drive, just as you do with your phone.

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