Add a new vehicle or switch cars

You can add new vehicles and change your current approved vehicle directly on the 'Vehicles' tab of the Driver Dashboard or in the app's 'Settings' tab.

Need a vehicle inspection? Check your region's requirements.

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Switch vehicles

Change between approved vehicles in the Driver Dashboard or in the app's 'Settings' in the app. Simply tap on the approved vehicle you'd like to use.

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Add a new vehicle

Before you start, you must have the new vehicle's required documents when adding it. Lyft must also approve the new vehicle before you can drive with it.

Driver Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Driver Dashboard
  2. Tap the 'Vehicles' tab
  3. Tap 'Add vehicle'
  4. Upload required documents
  5. Wait for our approval (typically within 24 hours), and that's it! We'll let you know once we've approved the new car.

In the app:

  1. Open the Lyft Driver app
  2. Tap 'Settings'
  3. Tap 'Vehicle'
  4. Tap 'Add vehicle
  5. Upload required documents
  6. Wait for our approval (typically within 24 hours), and that's it! We'll let you know once we've approved the new car.

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Required documents

  1. Vehicle inspection:
    • Print this Inspection Form for your mechanic to complete. Other forms are OK if they contain the necessary info below. The inspection form must be signed by your mechanic, have all 19 points on the form checked, and include your vehicle's VIN (vehicle identification number).
    • If you don't have a local mechanic who can officially inspect your vehicle, facilities like PepBoys and JiffyLube may be able to help
    • Note: In some regions, we'll accept a picture of your state inspection sticker instead of the 19-point mechanic inspection, including these states: Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah; and cities: Austin, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas. Portland drivers can visit Lyft's local office.
    • Inspections are valid for one year from completion date
  2. Updated insurance, including:
    • Vehicle year, make, and model
    • Your name as an insured driver
    • Policy expiration date

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Regional requirements

Local regulations in some cities or states require additional steps (such as vehicle registration) or higher-level inspections for your new vehicle. See our city and state-specific requirements page for details. If your city isn't listed, just complete the steps above.

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