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  • I'm interested in becoming a Mentor: Fill out this form to let us know. If you’re selected, we’ll email you an invite.
  • My applicant needs to switch regions: No worries — simply fill out this form. 
  • I'm having trouble completing the Mentor Session: Use this form to complete the Mentor Session manually — you'll still need to be paired to an applicant who is "Ready for Mentoring" before you submit the form. 
  • My applicant didn't show up for our Mentor Session: Bummer! Let us know by filling out this form

In the Mentor portal, what’s the difference between ‘Application in Progress’ and ‘Ready for Mentoring’?

  • Application in Progress

    A driver applicant will be marked as this if they have not completed their application and therefore cannot sign up for a Mentor Session.
    If an applicant tells you they’ve finished their application, but they’re still listed as ‘Application in Progress,’ they’re missing something. Encourage them to double check they’ve completed every step.
    You can refer to the steps of the application in the “Driver Application Process” section in this lesson.

  • Ready for Mentoring

    Once an applicant has given us all the information we need in the application, they’ll be able to request a time and place to meet for a session and will be marked as ‘Ready for Mentoring.’ You can then confirm the time, or reach out to agree on any other details.

In the Mentor portal, what’s the difference between the ‘Status’ options ‘Not Interested’ and ‘Cancel/Remove’?

  • Not Interested

    If an applicant is not interested in continuing with the application process, let them know via text that you’re going to put their application on hold. Be sure to mention they can move forward again if and when they’re ready by visiting lyft.com/drivers/apply/resume

  • Cancel/Remove

    If someone is interested in scheduling a Mentor Session, but your schedules don't sync up, mark the applicant "Cancel/Remove" to release them from your pipeline. That way they can be rematched with the next available Mentor.

How do I know if the photos I’m taking are OK?

Taking quality photos is really important. Getting great shots the first time around keeps the application process running quickly and smoothly. For some pro-tips, read How to take and update driver document photos.

Why do I need to schedule my Mentor Sessions in advance?

Scheduling an applicant's Mentor Session automatically triggers their DMV check an hour before you meet. Scheduling ahead allows for enough time for the checks to clear. If there's a DMV issue, you will receive an SMS canceling the session. In those cases, we will also message the applicant to let them know that they need to contact the DMV.

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    If you tap the "Confirm" button in the Portal, your mentee will be messaged that you've confirmed their proposed location and time. If the applicant’s proposed time or location doesn't quite work for you, reach out to agree on the specifics. When a new time is agreed on, tap "Reschedule", edit the details, then "Confirm" to add them to your "Scheduled" queue.
    Remember, you should reach out to introduce yourself first before adjusting the schedule.

Why is the phone number at the top of the Mentor Portal not my personal number?

We assign you and all driver applicants unique numbers to protect your privacy. When our system pairs Mentors and applicants, you'll be able to communicate through that number. For texts and voicemails, be sure to leave your Mentor number to ensure applicants are able to get in touch with you.

How long should a mentee’s practice ride be?

The Mentor Session checklists guide you through evaluating your mentee, their driving, and vehicle performance. No need for a long trip, just spend around ten minutes riding around in the car together to get a sense of how they'll perform as a driver. The overall Mentor Session should last 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish.

I have some questions about an item in the Mentor Session checklists. Where can I find information about a particular item?

There are three checklists you’ll complete during every Mentor Session:

  1. The car checklist
  2. The ride checklist
  3. The driver checklist

For each list, the app will prompt you to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a series of questions. It’s important to understand exactly what we’re asking, so you can evaluate each mentee (and their car) fairly. View this lesson for an in-depth look at each question you are asked during a Mentor Session.

What should I do if I'm experiencing problems with the Mentor checklists?

During Mentor Sessions, it's best to run Chrome as your mobile browser. The program requires your device to handle a lot, and other browsers like Safari, FireFox of Internet Explorer make it more difficult to get through sessions without a hitch.
To keep things running smoothly, update your device often and make sure you're running at least Android 4.1 or iOS 7.

If problems persist, tap 'Contact Support' below so we can help.

What do mentees usually have questions about?

After the ride checklist, it’s important you take the time to review basic topics about the Lyft experience, and answer any questions mentees may have. Here’s what every new driver needs to know:

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What are some common safety issues to cover during the Mentor Session?

  • Steer clear of ride-alongs

    New drivers sometimes invite a friend or family member to ride with them in their car when they start driving. It may make them more comfortable, but it’s not allowed. Remind them it's a safety concern — passengers won't expect an extra person — and it leaves one less seat belt open in the car.

  • Keep it (mostly) cash-free

    Ride payment is handled entirely in the app, though passengers are allowed to tip drivers using either the app or cash. 

  • Stick to your approved vehicle

    It’s important drivers only use the car approved by their Mentor. We ensure every Lyft car passes a safety inspection, and the correct photo is featured in the driver's profile. This assures passengers they are getting into not only a safe vehicle, but also the right vehicle.

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