How to Give a Lyft Line Ride

The Basics: 

Lyft Line matches multiple passengers along the same route, giving you longer rides with less downtime:


Lyft Line rides are a bit more complicated than regular rides, so it's important you carefully follow the app. You’ll be automatically directed to each pickup and drop-off location in the most efficient order.

Lyft Line Tips

Follow the app

Once you accept a Line ride, follow each prompt closely, and be prepared to change course at any time during the ride.

Sometimes you’ll only be matched with one passenger, other times you’ll be re-routed to pick up other passengers. The key is to follow the app, which will direct you to each pickup and drop-off location in the most efficient order.

Stick to the route

Passengers set their destination before requesting a ride, and are given a fixed price based on the estimated time and distance of the trip. So, if a passenger asks to change course, or make an extra stop, you'll need to politely decline.

Mind the timer

When you tap to arrive at the pickup location we'll notify the passenger, and start a timer. When the timer runs out, it’s time to go. If you can't find your passenger, mark them as a no-show to receive a no-show fee, and continue to the next stop.

If you don't already have a passenger in your car, you'll receive a no-show fee. If you do have a passenger in the car, you're being compensated for the time spent, so you won't receive the additional fee.


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