Memphis (MEM) Airport Regulations

Lyft is available at Memphis (MEM) Airport. As long as you follow a few simple ground rules, you're in the clear for both pickups and drop-offs.

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Review Airport Regulations Do’s & Don’ts

Drivers on the Lyft platform are responsible for knowing and following all airport regulations. Please see a full list of MEM’s rules and regulations, found at the airport’s website here. As a driver, you must follow the rules listed below in order to avoid receiving administrative citations from MEM Airport.


  • Pick up passengers from Arrivals on the lower level. When you approach the lower level, veer to the left and pick up your passenger from the outer lane (Commercial Vehicle Lane).
  • Wait in the Cell Phone Lot if your passenger is delayed when picking up. You must park in one of the 20 available spaces designated for Lyft. If there are no available spaces, you must leave airport property.
  • Do not pick up passengers at the curbside terminal entrance.


  • Drop off passengers at Departures on the upper level at your passenger’s carrier of choice. Be sure to unload passengers in the outer lane (Commercial Vehicle Lane).
  • Do not wait at the airport terminal or accept additional ride requests after drop-off. Instead, proceed to the Cell Phone Lot.
  • As soon as you've dropped off your passenger, press 'Tap to drop off' in your app and exit airport property. Wait to rate your passenger until you've left the airport.

Waiting for Requests

  • Wait for requests in the Cell Phone Lot (Open in Google Maps). You must park in one of the 20 available spaces designated for Lyft. If there are no available spaces, you must leave airport property.
Memphis Map

Lyft Emblem

Keep your Lyft emblem displayed and visible at all times while giving Lyft rides.

If you are giving a non-Lyft ride at the airport, make sure to remove your emblem before entering airport property.

If you’ve been approved to drive, you should receive your Lyft emblem within a couple weeks. Didn't receive one? Let us know and we’ll look into it. In the mean time, you may print your own temporary emblem.

Lyft emblem

If You're Approached by an Airport Authority

Authorities at the airport may approach you and ask you for a waybill.

The waybill allows law enforcement officials to see information about your current or most recent ride.

To access your waybill, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Dashboard*.
  2. Tap Waybill in the left side menu.

*Access your Dashboard either through the left panel menu in the Lyft app, or by going to lyft.com/drive in a web browser.


If you run into any trouble, reach out to our Support team. We're here to help 24/7.

MEM Airport will issue administrative citations to drivers who do not follow these rules. You are responsible for paying any tickets you receive for violating airport rules and regulations.

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