Average Hourly Guarantees

In some cities, we offer Average Hourly Guarantees. That means if you don’t earn the guaranteed amount during eligible hours on your own, we’ll cover the rest.*

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Ride requirements

Ride requirements for the guarantee hours change based on region and time of day. We’ll send your city’s ride requirements in your weekly Average Hourly Guarantee emails (or, check the Dashboard for your next week’s eligibility), as long as you meet the requirements below.

Average Hourly Guarantee requirements:

  1. Opt in each week
    • First, you'll need to opt in when you get a new text, email, or notification (usually but not always sent on Fridays) about guarantee hours. Each week, we have an opt-in limit and we change which cities to offer guarantee hours to, so not everyone will be able to opt in. Eligible drivers can also opt in directly through the Driver Dashboard. You have until 11:59 pm local time each Sunday night to opt in for the upcoming week.
  2. Maintain a weekly 90% acceptance rate
  3. Fill each hour
    • You must spend 50 minutes of each hour in driver mode, and fulfill the requirement for completed rides. Each ride counts toward the hour it was requested in (not when it was completed). We count your time in driver mode from the beginning of each hour (for example, 10 am to 10:59 am or 12 pm to 12:59 pm).

Note: For Lyft Lines that chain, the ride will count towards the hour in which the initial request occurred. All additional passengers in the chain will count in that initial hour, even if they are added to the chain in the next hour.

Additional terms:

  • Time in mentor mode or time with the destination filer on doesn’t count toward time in driver mode for Average Hourly Guarantees.
  • In some cities, Average Hourly Guarantees are limited to specific zones, or guarantee zones. If your city has these zones, you’ll need to be inside the guarantee zone when accepting the request for that ride to qualify (it doesn’t matter if the pickup location is outside of the zone, so long as you were in the zone when you tapped “Accept”). Guarantee zones will be shown in your opt-in email and Driver Dashboard.

How Lyft calculates Average Hourly Guarantees

Guaranteed amounts can vary by hour and week. For instance, 12 pm-12:59 pm may be guaranteed at $20 while 4 pm-4:59 pm guaranteed at $25.

  1. We start with your eligible gross ride receipts at the end of the Lyft week (Tuesday to Tuesday). Your eligible gross ride receipts are your pre-commission time and distance, Prime Time, and tips (tolls and the Service Fee aren’t included in this amount).
  2. Because different hours have different rates of hourly guarantee, we look at all hours guaranteed at a given rate at once (for example, all hours guaranteed at $20 at once, then $25 at once, etc.). Next, we take your gross earnings for all hours at a given rate and divide by the number of eligible guarantee hours you worked at that rate. So if you worked 4 eligible hours at $20/hour guarantees, we would look at the gross earnings during those 4 hours and divide by 4 to get your average earnings.
  3. Then we compare your average to the guaranteed rate. If your average exceeds the guaranteed average, great! If not, we bonus you the rest after taking out Lyft’s commission. This bonus isn’t eligible for Power Driver Bonuses (your Average Hourly Guarantee bonus will always have your base commission taken out). You’ll see the guarantee bonus in your Tuesday weekly summary (not daily) and that week’s direct deposit. Because of bank processing cycles, it may take about a week for you to see this payment.
  4. We repeat this process for any other hours and rates you qualified for. For example, we would start again for all hours guaranteed at $25/hr and repeat the steps above.

Example of Average Hourly Guarantee

John gets an email on Friday letting him know there are guaranteed hours this week.

He then follows the link in the email and opts in to a $30 Average Hourly Guarantee and a $25 Average Hourly Guarantee that week.

If one guaranteed hour was 7 am-7:59 am that week, John could qualify by driving 50 minutes in that span.

However, if John was in driver mode between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, he would have only logged 30 minutes during the eligible hour, which ended at 7:59 am. Thus, he would not meet the eligibility requirement for the hour of 7:00 am to 7:59 am.

Let’s say John drives in a city with guarantee zones (described in the opt-in email). John begins a ride at 7:45 am inside a guarantee zone, but it ends at 8:05 am This ride still counts toward the 7 am-7:59 am guaranteed hour because he was inside the guarantee zone when he accepted the ride.

Note that Lyft Line rides count as multiple rides if there are multiple pickups.

John’s $30 Average Hourly Guarantee

At the end of week after a few more days of driving, John qualified for 10 guarantee hours at a $30/hour. His total gross eligible ride receipts for those hours came to $200.

  • Guarantee: $30/hour * 10 hours = $300
  • Earnings: $200

The difference between $300 (the guarantee) and $200 ( earnings) is $100. This is the amount we will bonus, after Lyft’s commission. So if John’s commission is 20%, we would take $20, and bonus the remaining $80.

John’s $25 Average Hourly Guarantee

John also qualified for 5 hours at the $25 Average Hourly Guarantee. His gross ride receipts for these hours came to $150.

  • Guarantee: $25/hour * 5 hours = $125
  • Earnings: $150

Because John’s earnings ($150) are higher than the guarantee ($125) John earned more than the guarantee (yay!) and wouldn’t receive an additional bonus.

*Average hourly guarantees are pre-commission, and any resulting bonuses are subject to Lyft’s commission. Power Driver Bonuses don’t apply to Average Hourly Guarantee bonuses. Terms apply and are subject to change.

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