No-show policy for drivers

As consideration for the driver's time and effort driving to the pickup location, we charge passengers a city-specific cancellation fee for all ride types in all markets. See your city's cancellation fee at our Cities page

Note: In New York City, the cancellation fee is $10 for orginal Lyft and Lyft Plus rides, and $5 for Lyft Line rides.

Cancellation fees are not subject to Lyft's commission — you keep the entire amount. Any cancellation fees you receive are added to your payout each week and shown on your summaries.

There are two types of scenarios in which a fee may be collected: passenger cancellations and no-shows. To cancel a ride, tap the arrow in the top right corner of the app and select the Cancel or No-show option (The No-show will only appear if the criteria below are met).

Regular and Lyft Plus Criteria

No-show fees apply if the driver cancels, and the following criteria are met:

  1. You've tapped to arrive at the pickup location.
  2. You've waited at least 5 minutes.
  3. You've been in contact with the passenger (you've called them or they've called you).
  4. You cancel the ride, and select 'Passenger isn't here.'
    Cancel this ride?

Lyft Line Criteria

No-show fees apply to Lyft Line rides if the driver cancels, and the following criteria are met:

  1. You've arrived at the pickup location.
  2. You've waited for the counter to get to 0:00 (after about a minute or two).
  3. You choose no-show and select 'charge passenger.'
    Line Ride time to go

Can I receive a cancellation fee for the second party in a Lyft Line?

Since you're already in an active ride, you will not receive a cancellation fee if you've already picked up the first party and the second party cancels.

Cancellations and Your Acceptance Rate

Your acceptance rate is not affected by passenger cancellations or no-shows. Only rides that you cancel yourself are factored into the acceptance rate.

  • If a passenger no longer needs a ride they requested, and you have not arrived at their pick up location, ask them to cancel the ride on their end.
  • If you've arrived at a passenger's pick up location, and they do not show up after you've tapped to arrive, you should attempt to call them and wait at least five minutes. You can then cancel the ride as a no-show and select 'Charge passenger' or 'Do not charge passenger.' Selecting either of these options will not impact your acceptance rate.

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