Mentor Session

In most cities, your last step in the driver application process is to have your Mentor Session with a Mentor — an experienced Lyft driver.

If your region is listed on our city and state-specific requirements page, there are additional driver application guidelines for your city that you’ll need to follow.


Steps of the Mentor Session

1. Prepare your car

  • Clean your car inside and out. (And we mean clean.)

2. Schedule a Mentor Session with your Mentor

  • Schedule a time and location for your Mentor Session. The last page of your driver application will prompt you to do so. A Mentor Session can take up to 45 minutes, so plan accordingly.
  • Your selected appointment time will be sent to our team of Mentors. As soon as it’s accepted, your Mentor will contact you to confirm.

3. Meet with your Mentor at the selected time and location.

  • Follow your Mentor’s guidance. They’ll conduct a 19-point vehicle inspection, take you on a practice ride, and answer any questions you have about Lyft.

Rescheduling your Mentor Session

If you've scheduled your Mentor Session and you don't hear from a Mentor or the scheduled time passes, don't fret. A Mentor will reach out to you shortly and help you reschedule.

Once your application is accepted, you'll receive an email with details about your Mentor. Feel free to give them a call to confirm your Mentor Session.

After the Mentor Session

Once the Mentor Session is complete, we'll run your background checks (which can take up to several weeks). Keep an eye on your email inbox; we'll let you know once you're approved and ready to get out on the road. After you're approved, we'll also ship your Welcome Kit which includes the Lyft emblem for your windshield.

How to check your application status

You can check your application status any time at lyft.com/drivers.

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